31 Dec 2009

One more time

This post should have been here a week ago, but it comes here as the last for the year 09'.

I have the habit of watching cricket match on TV and also follow live commentry on cricinfo.com. I always send feedback to the site. I do this for the last three years and for the first time, my comment was displayed earlier this year about which I wrote here. This time it happened during the fourth ODI between India and Sri Lanka last week. It was displayed in the sixteenth over of the Indian innings. You can find that here

I am happy!!!!!


25 Dec 2009

Uncommon in modern day

Uncommon incidents always draw our attention. One such incident happened yesterday during the cricket match between India and Sri Lanka. People struggle so much to earn money and fame which gives them the social esteem, yesterday I saw a man earning both and then giving to his fellow mate. It was really touching to see something happening like this in India(A media ruled country).

The match was stolen by Gauti(Gambhir) and Virat(Kohli)with their brilliant 224 run stand notching up centuries. It was a great performance from these two to earn a victory like this to seal the series. After the match during the post match presentation ceremony, Gautam Gambhir was judged as the Man of the Match, but he refused to recieve the award and recommended Kohli for it which included the cash award and trophy along with the fame given by the Indian media. It was a real difficult choice to judge the man of the match and due to the fact that Gambhir finished the match, he was selected for it.

This is not an incident which happens every now and then. This shows the affection and motivation for others present in the Indian dressing room which is difficult to achieve in such a vast country.

Hats off to Indian cricketers for exhibiting such things on Media. Expecting more from them in the future.................

BTW: Merry Christmas!!!!!!


10 Dec 2009

Crazy People

Just 21 days left for the crazy people to prepare themselves. I really don't know what drives them so crazy on that day. We have 365 days in a year but people tend to celebrate only on the first. I see so many funny things with this New Year celebrations. People take resolutions on this day indicating that new year will bring good fortune, I don't know what fault they find in the remaining 364 days to take a resolution. I have seen some of my friends taking decision by the 9th or 10th month, but will wait till the new year to start implementing them. Calender is formed as a reference which can solve so many confusions around the globe. People mistook it as something else and celebrate the whole night. My other observation is that everyone wants to welcome the New Year and stay awake till midnight. They think it is something special, but no one is ready to do their routine on that special day and sleep till noon due to the overnight's tiredness.

If we rewind 25 years, most of the occasions would be missing as considered to the present. If people keep growing the list of festivals and celebrations in this pace, even 365 days wont be enough. I don't know who started these stuff, but nothing seems to be under control as the years pass by. I am afraid where it is going to take the world in the future.

I strongly believe that people who are uncertain of themselves are the ones who blame the planets and other such things. Every day is a new one and auspicious enough to achieve. So rather waiting for an occasion and the position of the planets to start our work, we can believe in ourself and start good work on any day.

I expect a decline in this years celebration as compared to last year. Don Know how things will pan out this time.....


5 Dec 2009

Talent alone is not enough

Talent alone is not enough when the luck and support is not with you no matter what ever you do in life.

I love to talk about few people, to start with I see the life of Dr. Abdul Kalam. He is a very hard worker there is no doubt about it, importantly he got the correct guidance from his brother and mentors who motivated him to grow this big. Life of Sachin Tendulkar is an open book as far as Indians are concerned. His parents and importantly his brother Ajit were the reason behind his success, of course his hardwork made him the star for twenty years with a blessing of living in India(A media ruled country). Dr. Kalam and Sachin had the talent in them, they were ready to work hard and they also had the proper support to achieve high.

Now lets see what has happened with people like Rahul Gandhi, Kanimozhi and G.K. Vasan. Their grand parents and parents did the hard work of establishing themselves in the society and their kids claim the honours coming from nowhere just because they have the popular surname. Only god knows whether they have the potential to be what they are.

There is other extreme as well, people know who is Brian Charles Lara. No one suspects his talent or his willingness to work hard without which he would not have hard so many world records. Looking at his career nothing much happened to him. I don know how many of you know what it takes to score a century, its benchmark that determines an innings. Lara scored a double hundred and a hundred in a test and saw his team loosing the match. Can we call it a curse on his talent. His father was not alive when he played for the country, his mother was not alive to see his great achievemnts. No support from his team in most of the matches,his team could have been named as Brian Lara and 10 friends instead of West Indies. Vettori is following lara's steps in the region of unlucky people as of today.

Looking at the different kinds of people, what can we call life as?
Honey on a Thorn????

29 Nov 2009

Franchise keeps me busy

Sometime back I was given an opportunity by my friend with a Franchise which keeps me busy. It has a great potential and gives a good opportunity to earn, apart from that, it moulds people and develops their personality as well. Yes I am talking about Amway India Enterprises in India and Amway global across the world. From my Higher Secondary level I love chemistry(but that cannot be seen in my marks). This company helps me to live an eco-friendly life which really attracted me. I have heard about this opportunity when I was studying in school, I thought its just another way to earn. Now when I got into it I realise the values it brings to the people. When I kept attending the seminars, I came to know that qualification is not necessary to achieve in life, but qualification will help us achieve it a little easily. Brave heart and strong thought is what required to succeed in life.

When I was studying in school, I know that Job is the only way to keep our life secured. Now in 2009, looking at the recession, I dont think job goers will have a happy hunting at the office. Surely my batch students will know the actual state of the companies at present. Due to this economic condition, most of my mates are struggling to kill time where I am a little busy for which I thank the almighty...
Hope things get normal in the near future.


26 Nov 2009

2012 - A Benchmark

That was the first time I watched an English movie in a theatre. It is a movie worth watching in the theatre. It was the day before the children's day when my friend wanted me to accompany him for a movie called 2012, I somehow found time to go with him. Although the theatre was sick, the movie was outstanding. I was a little sick on the day, still went there to keep my word but the movie gave me every reason to clear my throat.

The center point of the story may be fictitious or true, but the way it is directed is a real benchmark for the future. I don know how on earth he was able to give such an awesome screenplay. The survival of the so called hero made every hair on my body to stand. As always every penny had its worth unlike most of the tamil movies.

Amir Khan and Kamal Haasan are trying their best to take Indian cinema to the next level. Looking at the speed of Hollywood, I am not sure how many decades will it take for the Indian cinema to reach the highest level. One thing is sure, whether the standard of the film is there or not, we always expect our movies to bag the Oscars. Only the film makers will know how that is possible.....


24 Nov 2009


It was a surprising incident which I have never seen before(may its my mistake for not being in that place before).

Last Sunday I went to the airport to give send off to my team leader, where I saw something very unusual. We were around 15 in number which was decent enough to block the road and as expected the police HC rushed in towards us and then happened the most unusual thing. I have never seen a police with so much patience, he was politely asking the people to keep off the road. I have seen the police use a different type of language at other places. How nicely he gets himself adjusted to avoid getting into trouble as most of the influential people can be found there. Does this mean that the non-influential people can be ill-treated by the Police? or the Police is afraid of the influential? or does the big B's have too much of hand in L&O?


30 Jul 2009

My Dreams, Hope they come true in my life time

After a gruelling four months I am back. University exams and my business made me repel away from the system. Ok here I go............

From my childhood I keep observing things around me as every kid would do, I also watch all the kinds of sports across the globe and that made me to compare my country with others. Here I list some of my dreams, hope they come true in my life time...............

I love..

* To see the Indian roads without litter and ditches...

* To see the government employees of India working their skins out...

* To see people obey traffic rules...

* To see people going to other countries without visa...

* To see 0% unemployment...

* To see Police station with out cases...

* To see Lawyers with out cases...

* To see 0% adultration...

* To see 100% litracy...

* To see a politician who is not corrupted...

And many more.... I love to see people helping me out in adding some more in the list


9 Apr 2009

Its Fun Time

In the dull season of blogging I find something to write to kick things off.

I am almost nearing the end of my college life. My batch is a different one as we are the only batch to finish our degree without a single industrial visit. We guys really wanted to have some fun and so we decided to go out for a day. We all sat and discussed about this in the Siding train(the place we will have loads of fun). We came to a conclusion that Queensland will be the appropriate place to go and to add ice to the cake we planned to go in bike. The highway was too good to ride the bike and I was very pleased to see all our guys turned up with their helmets. We started the ride by 8.30 in the morning and reached the place by 10. From then its only enjoyment till dusk.

More than the games we played there, the fun we had being together is priceless. We took so many photos as we could find so much of good locations there. We had a pretty good lunch there. An important thing to be mentioned is that, the rates inside the amusement park to our surprise is pretty ordinary. When we go to any theatre to watch a movie the rates are 5 to 6 times the original one, but here its pretty cheap. They maintain this place so well which has to be appreciated. I am waiting for another opportunity to go for an outing like this and I am pretty sure that we will have one in the month of may.


20 Mar 2009

Heaven or Hell?

This post should have been posted a week ago on 14th of March when I visited the Central Jail, due to some work I was not able to post it then. Right lets get in to the topic. My project work got over early on 14th of March and so I decided to visit the jail, more importantly to take some snaps due to my friend's interest in photography.

The area used for the jail is huge which resulted in us returning home with sore legs. It was really constructed well and if any of the inmate wants to escape, then he should be ready to loose his life. The hanging arena was half demolished there. Every cell(A-Class, B-Class and C-Class) were similarly constructed. The dark room was mind rattling, I learnt that no one will be accomodated for more than 14 days in dark cell which will make them lunatic. Tamilan TV was covering the jail for a program and they were taking interview from the public.

It looked like a beach on a holiday, with so many shops inside to facilitate the public who flow in. The crowd there was a big one which is not a surprise. The timings for the public to view is from 8 in the morning till 4 in the evening.

We were lucky enough to meet a person who was an inmate sometime ago. He explained some of the activities which they used to perform there. There is a place where they are shown movie every week, place to work with wax(preparing seal), stitching clothes etc. There is a library for the inmates as well which is a good one and as expected there was a meditation centre as well.

What I felt was, the activities inside will be similar to what happens in a camp for the trainees of Police, Military, NCC etc. Apart from staying in darkness with mosqitoes, I don see any kind of difficulty there. It will surely make you workaholic if you are an inmate. On the whole I really loved watching it. The sad part is that it is going to be demolished soon. If you are in chennai then dont miss the opportunity of seeing this place, its worth watching.


17 Mar 2009

I got it atlast

I just love sports and as most of the Indians I too like cricket. Exactly 9 years ago I knew about the site www.cricinfo.com, since then I regularly visit that site for checking the scores. But I started to read the entire content of the site from 2007. From then on I use to comment on various issues at the commentry, most of my friends also comment there as well but it has never been displayed. Last saturday to my surprise my comment was displayed for the first time. I was really happy that my comment was displayed. Hope it happens again and again. It was displayed at the time of Yuvraj Singh's dismissal in the 19th over. click this to see the comment.

14 Mar 2009

Third time in three years

Yesterday I made it 3 out of 3 as far as blood donation at the college is concerned. It happened for the first time when I was in my second year of my engineering when a blood donation camp was organised in my college. Initially I was very scared about it, but my friends gave me courage and made me mentally strong about this. Now I love to be a regular donar.

While I was moving towards my exam hall, I was called by my staff to be a part of the group which was getting ready to donate blood. I managed to get three guys from my class along with me. This time the camp held at a health centre which is about 10km from my college. It was the govt. hospital that was conducting the camp. The feel of donating blood can only be felt and no words can express it. We donate it in the camp and we feel such, how good will it be if we get a chance to donate it at the hospital for an emergency purpose(hope no such serious cases occur).

This is the only donation which we are able to do when we are consious. Other donations are done with a perspective that it cannot be used by us anymore, but blood is not of that type. I wish everyone have the awareness about donating blood and come forward to donate it regularly.


10 Mar 2009

Below Par 2009 :(

Its almost two and a half months over in this year and nothing great has been happend so far other than the 2 oscars by A.R.R. When I see this phase of the year, it is not that satisfying.

To begin things, it was the burning of a Tamilian in chennai which led to a big chaos around the country. It lead to an unacceptable behaviour of certain politicians which led to the closimg of the colleges in Tamil Nadu. This created a big problem to all the students and professors with their completion of syllabus. It also reduced the functions(which is quite unfortunate for final year students) in the colleges due to the curtailed semester.

The worst of all was the Terror attack on the cricketers at Lahore. No one can digest this coward like behaviour from the terrorists. The best thing is that no one was seriously injured amongst the players inspite of few players had the shrapnel in their body. It has shattered many hearts across the globe. This has also provoked the cricketers to think twice about participating in the IPL.

The other one is the general body elections clashing with the IPL which puts the police officials under a pressure cooker situation after the two terror attacks in India and Pakistan in less than four months time.

Now the world is considering sub-continent as a unsafe place to visit, which is heartbreaking to many of the Indians. Once upon a time it was a heaven and today its one among the unsafe place(considered by the foreigners).

As a rose among thorns, to pull things back, our music maestro swept two awards standing on the red carpet at the oscars. This is the only breather of an incident in this year so far after so much of chaotic moments.

The bottom line for such a condition today is the terrorists behaviour. I don know which Anniyan is going to put an end to it. I expect some great things to happen in the remaining part of the year to make it a wonderful year for us.


7 Mar 2009

Daunting Day

A special day for the Women is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. The same is celebrated two days earlier at my college premesis. The big work organising the function commenced last week. So many boys struggled hard to make things perfect. Since it is a function to honour women, we were unable to see girls taking responsibility. This time we were able to bring in an IAS officer Ms. Gariyali as our chief guest. More importantly, Boys took the responsibility of drawing rangoli. They struggled till midnight and finished it off. Hats off to them. Every boy in the organising team did their work very well. The function went really well and everyone in the college were happy on the outcome of the function.

In the midst of all these happenings, there happened the most disasterous thing. Every boy in the function was sent out stating it is the function for the women. It was so hard to accept as some of the boys worked till midnight when women refused to take responsibility. Its hard but still we have to take even that too. I don think anywhere on earth such thing will happen, stil its alright. To make things worse for the boys, some of the girls took all the credit for running the function. The most generous boys had a small smile in their face on seeing that. What else could they do? I was really happy that I was able to co-ordinate in every department of the work to run the function smoothly.

Also I found something very different when I went to judge the Rangoli competition. The theme given to them was women and I saw most of the participants to be so arrogant as they expressed that "without women world cannot run", "women are the winners", "women dominate the world" and so on. Never on earth a boy would say such statements to boost manhood. At the end I feel that I can lift the standards of men by wishing the women even after they put us down.

Happy Women's Day.


3 Mar 2009

1 more to the tally

It has happened again. What else to do with these people who are scared to put an end to these culprits. Last time when I wrote about this topic some of my fellow bloggers opposed by saying that the civilians should be viewed seriously at the cost of letting the terrorists go. Today something happened to make them re-think everything.

What does these terrorists want. Will there be an end to it. Looking at the present politicians in the sub-continent, these activities will never end. Isnt there one aggressive politician. People who live in Pak and Lanka are crying everyday to live a peaceful life. How long can some one wait for things to get back on track.

Sports are meant to create international friendship. When the sports personalities are attacked, then there should be no excuse for these culprits. What is the problem between the terrorists and people like Sanga. Why on earth would some one attack the brand ambassodars who visit your country. If the leaders doesnt react even to this then there is no use of believing on them to lead us through.

By God's grace nothing happened to any of our cricketers. I pray for their welfare.


23 Feb 2009

A Legend

It is hardly nineteen years before when this legend made his debut. Today he is the first Indian to bag two Oscars. Born to a music director, music was there in his blood from the beginning. He left his studies due to his family problems, that was the turn around in his life. He struggled alot, worked so hard, joined Ilayaraja's troop and got established. He worked on and on and today he reached the Oscar. He really deserves this award. What a cool head he has and how good of a person he is. The good nature and humble character is what got him to this feet.

By getting the oscar he made India proud and by speaking tamil there, he made Tamilians proud. Even now he is not showing any emotions. How many others could do that. This is the sign of a Legend. Lots to learn from him.

Slumdog Millionaire swept the Oscar awards with 8 awards.

A.R.R should walk on the moon with this award. bring something higher thatn this, Rahman will get even that with his cool head.


21 Feb 2009

What a waste?

I don know wheather this post is worth in this world or not. Still I write in order to open some of the eyes which are shut. Every year at the month of June, the admission for the colleges begins with so much of chaos and cases regarding the entrance exam. After the students get in to the college and start learning, there is a very big competition between both the genders for everything. I don wanna discuss about the partiality shown by the staff defending one gender and their inability in certain fields.

At the end of the course, how many students work, making some sense to the education provided to them. Most of the students enjoy their own business which is welcomed by everyone. The other category is the most worst in the world, the girls who prefer marriage than working and the girls who quit their work after marriage. The other extreme is prefering a job which can never make use of their studies like how Dravid, Laxman, Srinath, Srikanth, Arya etc. did. What this makes is shuts down the opportunity for so many of the students who need that education . The X factor students compete, push up others, deny others chances and finally waste everything at the end. The other kind of students are who prefer higher studies and still get themselves a job by shutting down others opportunity and leave the job for the sake of their higher studies.

People start study just because education is available to them, is that a wise move to get the education and waste it at the end? They may see it as something they are capable of, but it is something which will be a backbone for so many families. Such people who afford to waste should think about these effects and act wisely.


16 Feb 2009

What is going around?

I just wanna a share about the crisis going around in my state. All the politicians are so eager to help the tamil people in Lanka. The funny part which I see from it is, everyone wants to just talk for hours about this issue and none wanna go there and be a part of the people to save it. Indian politicians are trying to have publicity for thier parties. During Kargil War, stars like Kapil Dev went to the border and tried to help the military officers, but now every leader just wanna talk talk and talk.

I really don't understand this issue. Tamil people occupied higher posts in the Lankan government in the initial part and lifted the level of their country. Now the issue is the tamil people asking for a seperate country to be partitioned from the existing lanka. This is a well known fact. What I wanna put front is that, the muslims were seperated from India in the form of Pakistan. Today if Pakistani's claim the Kashmir to be theirs, whole of India rear to fight against them and they put in so much support and win the war. Same way if Tamil people in lanka ask for land, our people are supporting for it. What kind of s**t is this. Do our people have the capability to think?

Of course they claim that innocent people should be saved. I agree to that, but they also wanna help the man who is creating so much of chaos in that country. He justs thinks he is a veerappan and troubling the army. The most irritating thing is that our politicians blindly support both the rivals in the country in order to get popularity in India. What if they kill the tigers in lanka, will the Indian leaders die without food.

On the other hand, the lankan government tortures the tamil people in the name of checking, where ever they find a little resemblence with the tamil cultue. It cannot be stopped as their fear is understandable. They cannot afford to let even a single tiger inside the country. If the Indian government really wanna help the Lankan government to come out of this trouble, then they should help in demolishing the terrorists in lanka.

The worst of all is the burning of lifes in India for the sake of tigers. A reporter in chennai tried to frighten everyone and lost his life due to his lack of knowledge. What happened next, the body was taken round the city as if he is a freedom fighter. road blockages and public disturbance were created. Is this necessary? For someone else we are troubling our own selves. Another incident happended in south tamil nadu, where a criminal with more than 5 cases against his name met with an accident where the stove burst and the police officers recorded the incident and the criminal was admitted in the hospital. Now our politicians claim that the criminal burned himself for lanka which the criminal himself refused. After which, they started to provoke the college students which resulted in closure of colleges for 2 weeks.

To be simple, for the sake of Lankan tamils the Indian tamils are made to struggle everyday for their life. Nothing could be worse as this.

Expecting things to change quickly for the sake of our people.


6 Feb 2009

Auction of IPL

The most expected auction for the IPL begined today at 10:45 am. At the end of auction Dhoni came down two steps after enjoying the most expensive player of the IPL last season. The first of the big names JP Duminey was bought by the Mumbai Indians for a sum of 950,000 dollars. The next one was the big man Andrew Flintoff who is the present expensive player alongside K Pietersen. Flintoff was bought by the Chennai Super Kings and the former English captain by Banglore Royal Challengers. As always the Rajasthan Royals used little money to get the developing player as they did last time. They ended up buying Shaun Tait. Out of all the players, Flintoff is the best pick as far as I am concerned as he is one of the greatest all rounders who can be depended in any situation. Still no idea about the world's top all rounder Shakib Al Hasan and upcoming bowler Mortaza.

Lets hope this Season also entertains the spectators as it did last year.


1 Feb 2009

Truth and calmness triumps

Yesterday I was witnessing the day and night encounter between India and Srilanka. It was one of the greatest matches I have ever seen. It was a match where luck was against the indian team right through. To start with, sachin was judged out which was a wrong decision, then the blunder was to judge Yuvraj out which was the mistake of the match and tilted the match in the favour of the hosts. When the hosts batted, Jayasuriya and Kadamby was not given out even though it was plumb in front. A boundary was judged without even consulting the third umpire when there was a close call when Raina fielded.

The worst ever thing to happen to the Indians was when a fulltoss from zaheer hit the wicket but the bails didnt fall and moreover the ball went for 4 byes. Again when dhoni threw the ball on to the stumps to claim a runout, the bails again did its job for the hosts. What ever it is, Indians kept their cool and fought till the end and won the match in style.

Luck may play against us, Umpires may play against us, but the hard work and full hearted effort won the match for the Indians. I wish them to win the series and claim the Top spot in the ICC rankings.


21 Jan 2009

Obama hits a first ball Six

American President Obama hits a first ball six as far as Indians are concerned.
After becoming the 44th and president and first Afro-American president, the first work done by him is to stop the provision of funds to the Pakistanis till they stop terrorism. Indians were trying so long to stop this and they were not able to do it successfully with the politicians slow approach. Now the Pakistanis doesnt have any other option than stoping terrorism. What a good move it is. He also said that his target will be to make is world a terrorism free one in four years. I am really happy with it and expect more from him.


20 Jan 2009

14 Jan 2009

For the first time....

I just felt this topic is worth posting, which made me do so. Here I go with the different phase of my life.

From my kinder garden till 2007 all my holidays have been enjoyable. In the holidays the only thing I know will be enjoyment like playing cricket, tv, browsing, movies etc. and nothing else. Now being in the final semester of my college, I have just two days of college per week. Since I do the project in the college premisis, I should be literaly free on the remaining 5 days, instead I am busier than ever in these days. I really cant judge from where the work is coming up for me to make my day busy. May be this is a different phase of a life. I really feel quite strange to live this kind of life, still I enjoy it. The project is going on well after my zeroth review, so I have no probs in doing those work. I hope my project goes well so that I need not worry being busy with other work. By the way Happy Pongal and a great New year to all my tamil readers.


12 Jan 2009

First Time in a home

Support from IM and IM members

To see more pics of the night's program just click HERE

Today is a day which I will remember for a long long time for the experience I had today. My friend took me to "Nalmanam" a Home where little children are taken care after being left out without anyone to take care off. This is the first time I am going to such a place. I really felt so happy being with the children and the kids were so happy to talk to us. I should take my hat off looking at the person who takes care of these children. He has done a real good job so far and I wish him to contine his good work in the days to come.

Initially my friend collected funds from IM and used it to provide some materials to them. We were surprised to see people contributing from round the world. A big thanks to all of them. I wish that I should get enough opportunities to go to such places as much as possible in the future.


9 Jan 2009

Who cares about it?

Last one month has been a very tough time for me especially from the government. People say its very normal in India. I just cant take it anymore. First the difference in timings of 2 offices under chennai corporation annoyed me, then the cops working sincerely, only during the traffic week, chaos at the ration shop, finally the convoy and the security for the Chief Minister. But the last incident pushed me to the extreme to post on this topic.

I have already posted about the corporations offices and their work culture in this post.

The funniest thing happend in the city for the past one week is, the cops are very sincere at the traffic signals which is quite unusual to them. They were very strict on the stop line issue and the signal breaking. All this happened just as a formality to pay tribute to the traffic week. I just ask them will their crown fall down if they do it regularly.

This is heartbreaking, the chaos in the ration shop should be viwed seriously. The employes there don't know how to respect the public(let it even be senior citizens). Even the public was not co-operative as well. The atmosphere there was sick. I don know who is going to find a solution to this. I wish to highlight one point here, the government employees should consider them as human beings and not as god.

Finally the trouble while travelling on the road, due to security problems. I was travelling back home with my friend in my two-wheeler when my friend wanted to stop by an atm and get money for which I stopped, before my friend could come back, I was chased by the cops from the spot which made me wait for my friend at the end of the road which is a kilometer long. My friend walked all the way to find me at the road end. It is a very busy road so turning back and travelling on the opposite(which we do at emergency) is alomost impossible. What I want to know is that, VVVVVVIP's can go where ever they want and the traffic can be regulated(which should be stopped first). When they stop people from even stopping on the road side for their personnel work, it really irritates any common man. It even irritated me, but I could do very little about it in a place where politicians are seen as someone holy.

5 Jan 2009

Tough time

Today I had the zeroth review of my Final semester project. We(our batch) took a lot of effort to get the data from our guide, formulated the presentation and we did present our topic well but what happened there was quite unexpected, the head was in no mood to understand may be his level of understanding is such (thats usual in Anna University). We tried our level best to clear the doubts and at one extent we really got frustrated with the stupid questions being posted at us.

I really don't know how the heck these people become professors when they have this little knowledge. We had our review for 20 minutes approx, and none of the questions were sensible. I really had an irritating passage of Q&A session as this is the first time I am in for such a process. May be I get used to it. Finally the hard work done by us was made a mockery. I am really confused how to prepare for the next review to tackle these men.


1 Jan 2009

Its all crazy.....

As the new year was approaching everyone started to ask me whats special about this year, whats the resolution and so on. Is it a rule to have something like that for the new year. As far as I am concern a new year just stays as a reference for the whole world to maintain the records. Apart from that its just an ordinary day. I really don understand why people go to temple and wake god at 12 in the night and offer their praying and sleep the whole day. cant they pray in the morning. All in all, people make this day special and welcome this particular day when all the 365 days are born in a similar fashion. If they feel this is a very special day then they should work really hard rather sleeping the whole day and enjoying it as a holiday. Finally if resolutions are required to be made, what harm did the rest of the 364 days did. One thing I understood, if every one does some crapy things then it becomes a procedure. People must surely be crazy.

If I say all this they call me I am philosophical. If truth is seen as philosophy then what life will be seen as?