29 Feb 2008

Beginning of an Era

     The present day bollywood movies marks the beginning of an era.  In the last decade, the formula for a film is that, it should have five to six songs with glamorous dance along side some sentimental scenes.

   But now the way of thinking has changed a lot.  I really wonder how they took the risk of making a movie without a heroine?  also there is no dance or family sentiments in the movie.   Yes I am talking about "Chak de India" and "Taare Zameen Par".  

     The directors are really gutsy to take films like these.  Its really nice to see movies with some different and strong stories.   It doesn't have those bamboozling entries, but they really have those strong impression for their stories.

This change in the bollywood industry is really a revolution and I hope the film makers will surely follow it and give us some more  good movies..........  I still didnt see Jodha Akbar so I am not able to comment on it, will see it and post again on that movie...........


23 Feb 2008

Will they change....?

 After some posts, I am back with my business.

     Stupidity is really at its best in my hometown.  You may surely ask me this question, What is new about this city as it always has something with it to talk about.  The reason for posting this topic is that, the condition is changing from
bad to worse......

     Ok ok, I will tell you what is the issue, the tremendous performance of our
men in Kakhi especially when the (so called) VIP's travel somewhere.  I really
don know with what kind of urgency they travel, but being the citizen of this country we have to wait till these people pass by. Is this a punishment for us 
for electing them?  I really don't understand  the concept  of
leading the people without living the life of a  normal  citizen.  How will they know about the  
difficulties faced by the commuters and the motorists everyday  by travelling in 
an  airconditioned  car with regulated traffic.  My mom use to say that 
M.G.R(then chief minister) 
use to wait for  the signal even when he was the CM of TN.  Why don't the present day VIP's follow it.  

    Where ever we go, we can hear special entry, special quota, special ticket, 
special food.
Whatmade them so special, their education or their open service to 
people?  They use to sit in 
airconditioned room and eat high quality food and 
they will talk about the poverty and 
unemploynment. Can anyone show wards of
VIP's searching for jobs. Our then president
("The greatest scientist of our country") stayed alone in his house and he also locked all the kitchens except one(where the food is cooked for him and all the employees there). He showed that much equality even when he was the first citizen of our country.  He came out of the president's house with a single suitcase... Isn't he great.  Why cant others  follow him. I really don't know why people feel so difficult to live 
normal citizen's life when they come
to a post. Does the post give them two 
horns or what?  But one thing is 
sure, we can talk many topics relating to it or 
even movies can be directed as Director Shankar 
always do, but nothing could  
be changed as we wish. We should take it as our fate to see 
all this and respect 
these people who really don deserve what they get............


22 Feb 2008

Duckworth-Lewis and its uncertainity

Duckworth-Lewis this is the most confusing concept in the game of cricket.

     This is the factor which decides the result of an One Day International match, if the match is interrupted due to any external factors like rain or badlight, at times even the mis behaviour of the crowd.  The other important factor is that this method will be adapted only after the completion of 25 overs in the second innings. It decides the outcome of the match if it is continued without the interruption considering the current position of the teams.

     How this method works..? None of the commentators nor the players are aware of it. It will be displayed in the scoreboard which only the computer system know's.  

     The fact is that, this method is based on a graph where the current scenario is plotted and the 
outcome of the match will be decided.  But it is uncertain to say that number 11 batsmen cannot 
score runs or the bowlers will be well disciplined.  

     I feel that rathar having these methods to give result to a match, we can have a reserve day or two for every international match so that the results will be obtained on the field rathar on computer systems................


20 Feb 2008

Will I get it back.....?

     Will I get it back...?   is the caption of this post. But what do I want back now?

    I am just rewinding my memory to see what happened some ten years ago.  I was studying in my school and I use to get summer vacation for a good two months. I use to enjoy my vacation with my friends and health will sound really good.

     Now things are totally different, 8 hours of college, 4 hours of travel, internal test every month, symposium, projects, seminars, etc.... Is this life or what?  To be frank, I hardly look at the mirror nowadays.  What am I struggling like this for... a degree?  What will I fetch with that.... a job? ok fine assume that I completed my degree and also got myself placed in a well reputed company, Will my health support me to work then after all my blood being sucked during my college life....

     Semester vacation is for about 10-15 days where we have IPT, mini projects etc., When will we relax and think about our future.  If things are like this now, how will it be after 15 years...... Woof  cant even imagine it.  If god asks me for a wish, surely I will ask him to wish me to have sound sleep for a minimum of 5 days so that all my lost stamina will be regained.... But coming back to reality, I wil have to go to college tomorrow morning as usual with an empty stomach to make my health even worser.................

     I hope now one would understand what I want to get back......


18 Feb 2008

Implant training at Railways!!!

     I got an opportunity during the 5th semester vacation to visit the EMU workshop @ Avadi which is under the control of Southern Railways.  It was really a tough job to get the permission for this programme.  Once when I entered the workshop I realised that hurdles crossed were of no waste.  It was a well organised training school/workshed where the workers were sincere unlike the other government offices.  I really felt the importance of Industrial visit which was denied by my dept staff members.

Some of the topics which I learnt there was......

  • The operation of Traction motor and its importance in EMU.
  • The testing and working of the compressor.
  • The assembling of the compartments.
  • The drivers cabin and the equipments which he use to control the train.

     It was a pleasant experience for me to learn the concepts from a set of good hearted workers.
I really thank The Railways for giving me an opportunity to undergo Implant training which really helped me to know the depth of electrical dept...


15 Feb 2008

St. Joseph's Rocks!!!

      TMS is the best!, I am not talking about the alltime great singer but about the best teacher I have ever seen.  His name is Mr. Thayumanavasamy. He handled Chemistry for me for the last four years of my school life.  He stands apart from other teachers as he is the only teacher who taught us about life along with chemistry.  The best part of him is that, one can ask any question in his subject, surely you will be answered.

     The other noticeable fact about this great man is that, if he knows anything completely then only he will speak about it.  We the students of Doveton Corrie are really gifted that we had TMS to mould us when we were in our teenage. If he was not there with me for those four years, then surely I wont be the way I am.  
The qualities of punctuality, honesty, abiding the rules were not taught to us by him but injected into us............

     Important fact about him is that, he is from St. Joseph's College, Tiruchy.  I really want to visit that college which produce gems like this.  Its not only TMS, my biology teacher is also from the same college and lastly my maths lecturer in college is also from this college. These people always stand apart from others and you can feel the difference in them.  ECE students and CSE students in my college will also know about this.  I heard that, the process in that college is very systematic and thats why the students shine really well. I expect even my college(atleast in future) to produce gems like that...

    It started with TMS and went on till my maths lecturer, I hope 
that I will come across many more students of this great college.

   St. Joseph's always rocks!!! 


13 Feb 2008

Youngsters lift the spirit

   Yes I am going to write about the Indian Cricket team.   It is really a hard to accept that DADA and Mr. Dependable are out of the ODI side.  But there are certain things  for the cricket fans to cheer about.  Since the crowed knocking the doors for the national side is increasing, the security for the place in the team is a big question mark.  This makes every player to perform well and see to that their place is secure.

     The other important factor to be noted is that the counter attacking ability of these youngsters which was (sorry) really absent with some of the seniors.  The other fascinating factor about our team is that the fielding standards is too good.  It really lifts the morale of the bowler and puts a doubt in the opposition's batsman.

     The way Dhoni and Yuvi answer Rameez Raja, Sreesanth showing aggression against the batsmen and the silent killing nature of Rohit Sharma, Gautam Gambhir and Ishant sharma, and to keep things under control and guide the team in a spirited way we have the little master. All this marks that the team is heading in to a golden era...


12 Feb 2008

Old vs New ! ! !


Here I wish to put up some coparison between the songs of the old and the  new era.

It will be more appropriate  if I draw a border at the end of Poet KANNADASAN'S  period to seperate the old songs from the new ones..  The songs of the olden days are evergreen whereas the
present day songs perish very soon with some exceptions.  What made the new songs unlike the older ones..

How many of us will say that we don know the song 'RAAJAVIN PAARVAI'(M.G.R. song in chariot)
Many of us were not born when this movie came, but still we know this song. This song stands everlasting from the day it was released. At present the songs perish very easily.  Is this the mistake of the poets or the music directors.
The songs sung by TMS, A.M. Raja, Chandrababu etc., are still ringing in our ears.  Modern day singers like Hariharan and Unni are also good, but these songs cant even be compared with the older ones...

Will the Poets, Singers and the Music Directors see to this and create a new dimension to the the movies or will they continue the same way as they go today....?


11 Feb 2008

His Highness.......

" His Highness Thomas Alva Edison". 

     Today I like to say a few words about this great man as this was the day on 1847 the earth recieved this great man.  I don think that there will be a literate who does not know who Edison is.  It all started with the fear of darkness which Thomas wanted to avoid, he started thinking about it and found an answer after tireless work and 625 attempts.   Edison is considered one of the most prolific inventors in history, holding 1,093 U.S. patents in his name, as well as many patents in the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

The greatest day was on october 22, 1879 when he invented the electric bulb.   He obtained the patent for it from the US government.  He invented many devices in his life time which was very much useful. His hearing capacity was not the best as he did not treat his infected ears......

Electric current was invented way back in 600 B.C but it was Edison who brought it to the standard where we use it in the indoor application.  Hence he is the reason for the creation of the field of Engineering.......

From all the Engineering Students, I thank him on his birthday for his wonderful creation which made life so easy in this world..........


8 Feb 2008

Is Cricket Killing Other Sports In India?

     Is Cricket Killing Other Sports In India?  My answer is " YES".  Why do I say like this?  I will give you reasons for it.  It is a well known fact that sports is meant for enterainment and hence it is telecasted in television and also the playing area is provided with seats to accomodate the public....
But how many games have full attendence from the audience.  Is that the media doing all  these crime or is it the politicians.  I have seen many times where the ministers say that cricket is not like other games.  Why do they have so much of importance to this game alone.

   I don say that people should dislike this game, i just want them to give equal importance to other games.  If you ask a sportsperson then only you can understand the pain and hurdles they come across. But why is that only cricketers enjoy all the facilities.   Football is the most watched game in the world, now my question is that how many football stadiums of international standards are there in our country.  I feel that the government and the people lift the game of cricket and stamp all the other games.  You can surely see a full house cricket stadium in India. How many of us have seen a full house for an Athletic meet or a hockey match.

   Why is that no other game has so much of sponcership and live telecast in TV.  We are so much bothered about the telecast of the cricket match in Australia, but how many of us are bothered about the olympic qualifiers of the hockey match.   We people know who is the highest run getter for India, how many of us know who is the fastest man of India(100 mtr National Record Holder).  

          If we youngsters don take action against this, then it will be situation where the substitute players who will also act as audience.


7 Feb 2008

Percentage Needs to be Re-calculated

Percentage Needs to be Re-calculated... Why do I say this..? I have my reasons below.

     In olden days, men use to enjoy all the facilities.  Women were the sufferers in the hands of men as per the society's law.  The government understood this stupid behaviour and started giving women equal rights.  The effect of this law started kicking men to search a place for survival.  What the government thought is that, minimum of 33% should be given to women in all the departments. But what they missed out is that they did not mention anything such for the men, which seems to be essential for the survival of men.

     People say that men can survive anywhere at  anytime as he is meant to face problems.  If it is said like that then why these people say that women are given equal importance.  If men are given any sort of importance then we can compare and say whether equal improtance to women is given or not,  but when no importance is given to men and everything is given to women, how will it be equal.

     If you don't agree with what i say, let me give you some examples.  

1) Let us take the mode of transport first, there is separate seat for women where no men can sit, but there is no such place for men.  

2) Let us consider the colleges, I don want to say anything about it and i really welcome comments with examples for those who think against me(especially in college).  If the ratio between men and women are about 100:1 still the resource is equally shared, I really don know how is it possible.  

3) Last but not least, even in the News headlines,  if there is any bomb blast or accident, they will announce the number of deaths with the number of women in it. I want ask them why are they not saying about the number of men who die.  Is any way men is inferior to women or does it mean that the life of a man is not valuable when compared to women.

  My dear male folks, please see that we are not pushed to a situation where we will be asked to fight for survival against these women.  I do take apology to all the women who feel bad after reading  this post.

 I am no way against giving equal importance to women, but what i mean is that even men should be viewed. My main issue is to removal of women quota as all the human beings are equal for any kind of obligation..


5 Feb 2008

Unnoticed People In Real Time

     I am sure many of you wont agree with what i say just because we all have suffered in their hands someway or the other.  Yes i am going to talk about the Cops because i personaly feel that these are Unnoticed People In Real Time.  When we hear the name Police, the first thing which comes to our mind is corruption.  Yes it is 100% true that these people are culprits, but for that we cant mistake the whole department.  Ok fine, now why am i writing about this?  What is the use of sharing this view...?  

     We people just travel along the roads where we never notice these men  
who use to  stand in the hot sun and heavy rain performing their duty.  Have we ever thought about the state of these people and do anyone of us dare to comfort them by atleast offering them some fluid to quench their thirst? Yes i admit that most of the people never do their work sincerely, but there are some exceptions.  I use to admire at a police men who stands near the Kilpauk Medical College signal. He is always perfect with his uniform and the work which he does.
For me he is the only person from this department(among the lower ranked men) who wears a neatly pressed uniform and proper actions to control the traffic.

     Once when i was travelling near that signal along with my friend got an opportunity to speak with him.  We asked him the reason for such a sincere work, he smiled and removed his coolers and then started to speak, he said that he wants to be true to his profession.  He also added that he believes that his perfection in actions(used to control the traffic) attracts the motorists.  Hence it relieves the mental pressure from our minds which will surely avoid many accidents.  We asked him, " What is the use of doing it..?"  He simply replied that he is given salary every month only to perform this with perfection.  On saying this he moved away from us as he was about to take charge from the other man performing the duties..

     There are so many people who do mistakes, but there are certain people who still believes that truth and honesty alone triumphs.... All of us use to admire and encourage the people who  performs the role of a Police in movies,
but we don't do it in real life.   My request is that we people only should encourage these Mr. Perfects and improve the standard of the department, as we know that the government becomes blind when it comes to encouraging......


4 Feb 2008

Future seems to be dark!!

        In our country the majority of the people belong to the students community.  There is a famous quote stating that, todays children will be tomorrows citizen.  But what is happening to the students, is there anyone to bother about them. Thats why i say that the Future seems to be dark.  People wish that India should become a developed nation.  We all know that it lies only on the hands of the students to lift our standards or to put it down.   But the society expects a lot from the youngsters and don give them what is necessary to them.

      In my point of view,  the most difficult of all times for a student is to attend a class on saturday when all the folks around their house enjoy the weekend.  Most of the Engineering colleges and the schools work for 8 hours a day and five days a week.  The student who attends all the classes without fail will surely be on his knees by friday,  at this juncture if you ask him to work for one more day,  it makes no sense at all.  Yes i agree that hard work should be put up by the students but continous work without rest 
makes them good for nothing.

       There is a famous saying which states"Something is better than nothing", by following this the management makes people work on saturday thinking that they will do nothing at home.  But what i mean to say is that"Nothing is better than Non-Sense".   The student could stay at home rather being physically present in the class due to compulsion. Will it do any good to him or his health..?  The managements can think about the mindset of students and act accordingly..

       Another difficult situation is the holidays with the assignment.  I really don understand the concept of giving assignment during holidays and that too during festivals.  How these staff memebers expect the students to be with their books when they themselves want to enjoy thier holidays, after all everyone is a human being.  Very easily they will say that we had holidays. Does it mean that every student should sacrifice all what he has in order to learn.

       The most pathetic issue is the working saturday as a compensation for a holiday. Fine they are doing this in order to maintain the number of working days. But how is that possible for them to have a compensation for Independence day, don they feel ashamed to do that.  Is this the tribute which we show to our motherland...

       Engineering students are supposed to be professionals, do they get treated as a professional...?
They are been treated as worse as a donkey which carries load for its master.  They are trying to force certain inhuman activities in the name of discipline.  

       But if this state continues then the students of future will surely become lunatic before they get their degree........

       I wish that govt. should take steps in saving the students from the hands of institutions in order to save the country's future.  

3 Feb 2008

Fading Glory......

Sachin, Sourav, Rahul, Gilly, Jayasuriya......                                      
" Current Cricket Players" 

Beckham, Gerrard, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho......                                       
" Current  Football Players"

Schumacher, Raikonnen, Alonso......                                                       
" Formula 1 Drivers"

GaganAjit, Baljeet, Mamtha, Ignace...  ?
Who are they........?    Believe me they are current international Hockey players. The fact is that they are Indian players. How many of us know them, We know all other sportspersons than the players who play our national game. We should be ashamed for not knowing them.

We are the team which was undefeated for over a decade and won three consecutive olympic gold medals under the capatincy of Dhyan Chand.  The whole world was stunned by the performance of the Indians under Dhyan Chand. They have done a test to the stick which he used to see whether he used a magnet to get the control of the ball. That great skills he possesed.
The sad fact is that many people don't even know who is this player as they are unaware of the game which is supposed to be our national game..

Last week i got an opportunity to witness the Test Match Series between India and Belgium at Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium in Egmore. Actually I was longing to go there and see my countrymen in action, but was waiting eagerly to get an opportunity which came last week.
My friend Ramanan who was previously informed by Guru, told me about the matches and the location and importantly the admission is 
free (to improve crowd participation). The matches were really good which was played on a green synthetic turf.

The first thing which I noticed there was the empty stands which really frustrated me. Its our national game and no response from the audience. For a cricket match people stand in long queue 
to get the ticket booked well in
advance, but our national game is thrown away.  The most pathetic incident is that people refused to come even when my friends and myself called them to witness the match.

The other pont to be noticed is that these players don't have enough protection on the field. There was a casuality during the first half of the first match where the player was carried in a stretcher with a bleeding nose which we wont see too often in any other outdoor games.

Fine, they play for India and they risk their lives, but what they are paid is a meagre amount when compared with what the other sportsmen are paid. It is only because we don have much interest in this game, the revenue generated is very low and so the players are paid less. I don say that we should not see other games but try to support hockey so that our national game doesn't perish in future.

Ramanan and I have decided to witness all the the sporting action in which our country men participate and few of our other friends also promised to do it. Lets support our country in all the the games which they play  and cheer them to victory............


1 Feb 2008

Oh Boy Is He Great..............?

Cricket as we know is a Gentlemen's game, but we seldom see cricketers who behave like that.  One such instant is the Sydney Test.  But there was a man who created doubts in the minds of many people and he made them think of an  imaginary situation to see whether he might commit a mistake. This great personality is 
none other than the man who created a new dimension to  the art of Wicket Keeping  
"ADAM GILCHRIST".  It is impossible to fill his boots after this tri-series...
His announcement of retirement was a great shock to the cricketing world, but this shows the standards which he sets for himself. One drop chance makes him to think about retirement. I feel that, not 
only cricketers but every human being should learn a lot from him......

When he made his debut for Australia people thought that he wont be able to perform like Ian Healy, But he proved all wrong with his performance behind and also in front of the stumps..
He created a new dimension(Wicket Keeper/Batsman) in cricket. He always keeps the morale of the team high. The way he moves between overs gives enough time to the bowlers to think about the plan between delivaries. You cannot see a better player in appreciating the opponents on their performances, Gilly really stands tall with this quality...


He had a great of quality of walking if he believes that he was undone by the bowlers. This made the job of the umpires very easy.  But now with the departure of Gilly and the beginning of the modern cricketers lying nature to win matches may lead to a position where the spirit of the game will be lost...

Now it is time for us to wait for a player who can fill the boots of Gilly behind stumps and the one in his honesty. For me the greatest records which he set was, the keeper with the maximum number of dismissals in test and ODI and also he is the only man in the history of game to have 100 test sixes.........

For me, he should have played for some more years only for two reasons. One is that he is the best entertainer globally, we indians have a craze on Sachin, but that is not the case around the world for him, but Gilly is liked by all kinds of people in any corner of the world for his well mannered behavior and debastating batting. Secondly his pink gloves, every victim of his will make the breast cancer research insitiute richer by 144,000$, if he had played for some more years, surely he would have made the institue more richer as it is his nature to get scalps...

But now its time for us to do honours for this great keeper who served Australian cricket and provided everyone of us the greatest entertainment of our time... Now looking forward to him in action in IPL..  Gilly! You always rock...............