30 Mar 2008

Back at MAC

It is been almost three years since the last match been played here at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium-Chennai. Today I was one among the spectators who were present at the stadium to witness the final day's play of the first test match of the Future Cup for which India is battling against the proteas(South Africa). It is the third time I am watching an International cricket test match here at chennai(on the last two occassions it was India taking on Australia). This time the tickets were sponcered to me by my aunty.

Frankly speaking, it was really a dull day at the MAC were the Proteas managed 200 runs and the Indians were able to pick up only 4 wickets . The day was so dull that only half the stadium was filled and for most part of the day it was so quite. I really missed the mexican waves which I love the most. As I have enough knowledge about this stadium(atleast to the extent of narrating about it), I feel that the security level were not upto the mark and also the standard of the out-field was really poor. The looks of the stadium really went down with some of the colours of the advertisements. As usual the maintenance of the rest room were so poor and the rates of the food were too high.

Coming back to cricket, the aggressive nature of the youngsters were good and I really don understand why the Indian captain didnt take the field after lunch. The co-ordination and the high standards in the field is welcomed by the supporters with both hands.... The pitch didnt offer much to the spinners, thus the much ended in a draw..

Now, its time to cheer the Chennai Super Kings in action in IPL. Its always fun to see international matches live and that to with the chennai audience in incredible...


17 Mar 2008

A Camp inside the Campus

     What camp inside the campus!  What is this?  I will tell you, I am talking about the blood donation camp which was held in my college campus last saturday(15th March).  This is the third camp organised in my college and it is the second occassion where I am a part of it.   During my first year I was really unaware of this camp and to be frank I was very scared to give blood.  I really wondered how my mates gave it with ease.  But during my second year my  friends encouraged me to take part in it and  in an enthusiasm I donated blood(mind you there were too many butterflies in my stomach as that was my first time.  

     Once when I went there, I learnt a lot about it.  The blood which one donate will be helpful to 
save not 1 but 2 lives as it is divided into white or red blood corpuscles and used seperately as per the need of the patient.  When we donate it we really don feel the importance of it, but when we see the people struggling to get the blood to save some ones life, Oh Boy!! its pathetic. Most 
of the people misunderstand that, if they donate blood they will run short of blood which is 
obviously not. Every human being contains around 51/2 to 6 litres of blood out of which only 350ml will be taken.  Our body takes only 24 hours to regenerate the donated amount of blood.  

     The best part of the camp was, there were 4 blood banks present to collect the blood and around423donors took part in the camp.  The doctors and the nurses present there were very 
kind and taught us a lot about the importance of donating blood and also how to take care of ourself before and after donating.  

     This camp was scheduled suddenly and hence many of the students were unaware of it, but still so many turned up.    This really shows that the future India is really shining.  Among the people who turned up Guru and Venkat were noticable.  Every 90 days we are allowed to donate blood which will be helpful to someone at the right time.  So all we have to do is to have heart to 
help others and execute it properly....


13 Mar 2008

A Twist

     This is really a twist in the recent past when it comes to television.  You may ask me what is twist when channels continously offer serials?  Yes I am talking about VIJAY TV.  I wonder how they think in a different manner while all others think alike.  As far as I am concern they are the inventers of the program like "KPY", "JN.1", KKK, Super Singer, etc....
    Very easily people copy it and telecast in their channel but I still wonder inside my heart as vadivelu would say "Ukanthu Yosipangalo".  Even the colours and the BGM which they use is awesome.  Now they have started their work even with the title song.  What ever it is, until we get some nice entertainment rather having those serials with tears during dinner, we should welcome this change.............


9 Mar 2008

A Day Off

     Every day when I begin my work, I use to count the number of days remaining to get a sunday (usually I will be forced to work on a saturday), is this count really worth?  I really don know the concept of taking rest 
from our regular work on a sunday, does it make any sense?  Nowadays we can see most of the 
houses locked during the working days as every one is engaged with a work.  So everyone gets time only on a Sunday to do all their work, but every organization has a day off on sunday. Then how will common man will do his personal work related with these organizations.  Even government Departments like Electricity board, Corporation offices, Banks, etc., have their holiday on sunday, then how will we able to meet our needs which is engaged with these departments.

     I personally feel that the departments which serve the common needs of the public can have their day off on a weekday so that it will be a great relief for the people to finish their work on the day which they have with them.  

     I can keep saying this to everyone, but will the men in-charge put this issue under scrutiny..........?


6 Mar 2008

Lingam at Purasai

Its maha sivarathiri today.  On behalf of it,  shiva lingam is kept at hotel darmaprakash in purasaiwalkam.  There are totally twelve idols there and it is kept there from 4th March till 7th March.   The most noticable thing is that, people keep filling in from morning eight and till eight in the night when the  darshan is available.  

It really makes this already crowded area even more crowded and the police men at duty really struggle to keep things under control.  The queue keeps growing after 5 in the evening and even poonamalle high road is not enough for the  people to stand.  The parking for the vehicles were arranged near Ewart matric school which made the school children to struggle to get in to the school.  I havent seen so much of crowd for this event in purasai ever before(It really made me struggle to get back home from my bus stop in the evening).  I really didnt expect so many people to be present on this occassion. It reminds me those pradoshams on saturday where the crowds use to fill in..................


2 Mar 2008

India in Chile

     Indian hockey team is now in Chile..  Why did they go there now...?  We all know that the olympic games is round the corner and the sad part of it is that, India will have to qualify to play in china.  The first edition of the qualifiers held in New Zealand and now the second edition of it is scheduled on the first week of march in Chile

There are totally six teams participating in this tournament including India.  The other teams are Mexico, Russia, Austria, Great Britain and finally the hosts Chile.  Every match will be played under pressure cooker situation as only one out of the five teams will qualify to play in China(Thats really a tough ask).  Experts say that it will be mostly India to Take on Britain in the finals.  Still its always pressure when you are playing to qualify yourself.  What ever it is, let us support our men in blue to finish the tournament in style.........