23 Apr 2008

Awesome heat

     Every year during the month of April and May people use to curse my city for its iron melting heat.  But I really love my city during these two months and will never leave it till the summer is over. Usually people go to the hill stations for the summer vacations missing the heat of chennai.  I wish to say all these people who choose hill stations for their summer, " You can never get this heat anywere else, so try to enjoy the most of chennai heat during this summer atleast.  It may dehydrate you and also cramp your muscles, but still this is a very rare ocassion which comes once in a year, so lets enjoy it to the fullest extent...


18 Apr 2008

Heart Struck ! ! !

     What is happening? I am so excited that I cant even wait for the match to get over.  

Is it cricket or what, what a start to the Indian Premier League.  Short and crisp opening ceremony.  

Fine that was the start of the tournament, what about the match?  Where did he come from?
What kind of an Innings is this?  Did he see the cricket ball like a foot ball or what?  Too many questions to be answered.  

The bottom line is that Brendon has really shown his class here at the IPL.  My first ever experience of watching a dozen sixes hit in a single innings.  How many times can we see a batsman scoring 150+ in a T20.  He was really polite in his interview after his innings as well.  

Hats off to Brendon...  Too many records in 75 minutes of batting...  Too good

Waiting for the RC's reply........

12 Apr 2008

Condemn the Criticizers

I am a kind of a person who enjoy watching all the games, so obviously I love watching cricket. At present India is playing against the Proteas after a short Australian tour. What I have been witnessing over the last year and a half is that people never hesitate to criticize our former Indian skipper Rahul Sarad Dravid. I really don understand why people come so hard at him. When Team India is in a comfortable winning position then there will surely be a buzz on Dravid's Strike rate. If it is the case where our team is in a position to kill the overs(bat out the time), we can see the experts along with banners in the crowd saying the wall should prevent us from defeat. Everyone knows that his style of batting is the same and he is a key player in the team in all the situations, remember he is the one who involved in a 326 run chase against the Carribeans under lights in a ODI.

How many cricketers has such a strong basics which this gentleman posses. If Indians take on the Aussies then we are sure of a drama on and off the field, can anyone point out such a situation which involved Dravid. Even the Little Master was accused of Match Fixing against Sri Lanka, but no one could get near this Engineer from Bangalore. Test Match is always played with a greater spirit and respect to the bowlers, but what is happening right now is that, people started to compare Test cricket with ODI and T20, but what people forget here is that the red leather swings for a longer period when compared with the white ball.

Everyone started to criticize this man and I was really shocked to see the statement which said "Did Dravid's Ton Hurt India", is it not shameful to talk like this. Modern cricket has the craze on people like, Sehwag, Yuvraj,Dhoni etc, but how many can put their money on these sort of players when it comes to reliability. I have seen so many matches where everyone will fail to score and Dravid alone will stand till the end as how Brian Lara used to do for the West Indies.

Finally I wanna say that, if you cant salute this great batsmen, better shut up rather putting him under scrutiny as he is the only star cricketer of India full of professionalism and without any controversy............


11 Apr 2008

Unnoticed Gem

In this post I wanna share my views on the great Indian epic Mahabaratha. Once we hear the name of this great Indian epic, most of our mind thinks about the great skills of Arjun or the nice build structure of Bheem or even some may think about the wicked personality of the epic Sakuni and how can we forget his highness lord Krishna...

But I always get the thought about this Unnoticed Gem " Karna". Actually he is supposed to be the elder brother of the pancha pandavaas. He was born to Kunthidevi due to the grace of lord surya. Every one know Karna as the great king who never sends any of his guests with empty hands. I feel that Karna should consider himself very unlucky as he didn't have anyone to support him at the right starting from his birth till his death..

When he was born his mother refused him first up, then somehow he grew with the nice friendship of Dhuriyodhan. God really blessed him and gave him kavasa and kundala which had the ability to save his life. But his good heart stole those gifts. Finally when he was up against his brothers in the war field, he really had so much of faith in god which was put down by god himself. Finally when his soul left his body there was no one near him to send him off.....

Its really great to live without any support in life which I feel everyone of us should learn as much as possible.......

A question to the readers now. Can anyone say who is the only character who was present in both the Indian epics?????????????