29 Nov 2009

Franchise keeps me busy

Sometime back I was given an opportunity by my friend with a Franchise which keeps me busy. It has a great potential and gives a good opportunity to earn, apart from that, it moulds people and develops their personality as well. Yes I am talking about Amway India Enterprises in India and Amway global across the world. From my Higher Secondary level I love chemistry(but that cannot be seen in my marks). This company helps me to live an eco-friendly life which really attracted me. I have heard about this opportunity when I was studying in school, I thought its just another way to earn. Now when I got into it I realise the values it brings to the people. When I kept attending the seminars, I came to know that qualification is not necessary to achieve in life, but qualification will help us achieve it a little easily. Brave heart and strong thought is what required to succeed in life.

When I was studying in school, I know that Job is the only way to keep our life secured. Now in 2009, looking at the recession, I dont think job goers will have a happy hunting at the office. Surely my batch students will know the actual state of the companies at present. Due to this economic condition, most of my mates are struggling to kill time where I am a little busy for which I thank the almighty...
Hope things get normal in the near future.


26 Nov 2009

2012 - A Benchmark

That was the first time I watched an English movie in a theatre. It is a movie worth watching in the theatre. It was the day before the children's day when my friend wanted me to accompany him for a movie called 2012, I somehow found time to go with him. Although the theatre was sick, the movie was outstanding. I was a little sick on the day, still went there to keep my word but the movie gave me every reason to clear my throat.

The center point of the story may be fictitious or true, but the way it is directed is a real benchmark for the future. I don know how on earth he was able to give such an awesome screenplay. The survival of the so called hero made every hair on my body to stand. As always every penny had its worth unlike most of the tamil movies.

Amir Khan and Kamal Haasan are trying their best to take Indian cinema to the next level. Looking at the speed of Hollywood, I am not sure how many decades will it take for the Indian cinema to reach the highest level. One thing is sure, whether the standard of the film is there or not, we always expect our movies to bag the Oscars. Only the film makers will know how that is possible.....


24 Nov 2009


It was a surprising incident which I have never seen before(may its my mistake for not being in that place before).

Last Sunday I went to the airport to give send off to my team leader, where I saw something very unusual. We were around 15 in number which was decent enough to block the road and as expected the police HC rushed in towards us and then happened the most unusual thing. I have never seen a police with so much patience, he was politely asking the people to keep off the road. I have seen the police use a different type of language at other places. How nicely he gets himself adjusted to avoid getting into trouble as most of the influential people can be found there. Does this mean that the non-influential people can be ill-treated by the Police? or the Police is afraid of the influential? or does the big B's have too much of hand in L&O?