10 Mar 2009

Below Par 2009 :(

Its almost two and a half months over in this year and nothing great has been happend so far other than the 2 oscars by A.R.R. When I see this phase of the year, it is not that satisfying.

To begin things, it was the burning of a Tamilian in chennai which led to a big chaos around the country. It lead to an unacceptable behaviour of certain politicians which led to the closimg of the colleges in Tamil Nadu. This created a big problem to all the students and professors with their completion of syllabus. It also reduced the functions(which is quite unfortunate for final year students) in the colleges due to the curtailed semester.

The worst of all was the Terror attack on the cricketers at Lahore. No one can digest this coward like behaviour from the terrorists. The best thing is that no one was seriously injured amongst the players inspite of few players had the shrapnel in their body. It has shattered many hearts across the globe. This has also provoked the cricketers to think twice about participating in the IPL.

The other one is the general body elections clashing with the IPL which puts the police officials under a pressure cooker situation after the two terror attacks in India and Pakistan in less than four months time.

Now the world is considering sub-continent as a unsafe place to visit, which is heartbreaking to many of the Indians. Once upon a time it was a heaven and today its one among the unsafe place(considered by the foreigners).

As a rose among thorns, to pull things back, our music maestro swept two awards standing on the red carpet at the oscars. This is the only breather of an incident in this year so far after so much of chaotic moments.

The bottom line for such a condition today is the terrorists behaviour. I don know which Anniyan is going to put an end to it. I expect some great things to happen in the remaining part of the year to make it a wonderful year for us.



crystal... said...

hope the same, as u wish yar...

Rayees Ahamed said...

Economically this year is predicted to be negative. But so far India is relatively stable, while the global economy is sinking ...

Lets hope for the best