6 Feb 2009

Auction of IPL

The most expected auction for the IPL begined today at 10:45 am. At the end of auction Dhoni came down two steps after enjoying the most expensive player of the IPL last season. The first of the big names JP Duminey was bought by the Mumbai Indians for a sum of 950,000 dollars. The next one was the big man Andrew Flintoff who is the present expensive player alongside K Pietersen. Flintoff was bought by the Chennai Super Kings and the former English captain by Banglore Royal Challengers. As always the Rajasthan Royals used little money to get the developing player as they did last time. They ended up buying Shaun Tait. Out of all the players, Flintoff is the best pick as far as I am concerned as he is one of the greatest all rounders who can be depended in any situation. Still no idea about the world's top all rounder Shakib Al Hasan and upcoming bowler Mortaza.

Lets hope this Season also entertains the spectators as it did last year.



Rayees Ahamed said...

"super kings, raj royals, royal challengers", for me they sound like Horse racing :D , and gamblers dealing millions of dollars with the selected jockeys

Yayathy said...

Thats what IPL is all about. Money, Money and Money with a bit of Entertainment as well.