24 Nov 2009


It was a surprising incident which I have never seen before(may its my mistake for not being in that place before).

Last Sunday I went to the airport to give send off to my team leader, where I saw something very unusual. We were around 15 in number which was decent enough to block the road and as expected the police HC rushed in towards us and then happened the most unusual thing. I have never seen a police with so much patience, he was politely asking the people to keep off the road. I have seen the police use a different type of language at other places. How nicely he gets himself adjusted to avoid getting into trouble as most of the influential people can be found there. Does this mean that the non-influential people can be ill-treated by the Police? or the Police is afraid of the influential? or does the big B's have too much of hand in L&O?


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fairy said...

never mind da......... indian government itself is such........ every one pretends to be the best... but we know everything is only fake... dramatised