1 Feb 2009

Truth and calmness triumps

Yesterday I was witnessing the day and night encounter between India and Srilanka. It was one of the greatest matches I have ever seen. It was a match where luck was against the indian team right through. To start with, sachin was judged out which was a wrong decision, then the blunder was to judge Yuvraj out which was the mistake of the match and tilted the match in the favour of the hosts. When the hosts batted, Jayasuriya and Kadamby was not given out even though it was plumb in front. A boundary was judged without even consulting the third umpire when there was a close call when Raina fielded.

The worst ever thing to happen to the Indians was when a fulltoss from zaheer hit the wicket but the bails didnt fall and moreover the ball went for 4 byes. Again when dhoni threw the ball on to the stumps to claim a runout, the bails again did its job for the hosts. What ever it is, Indians kept their cool and fought till the end and won the match in style.

Luck may play against us, Umpires may play against us, but the hard work and full hearted effort won the match for the Indians. I wish them to win the series and claim the Top spot in the ICC rankings.


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