20 Mar 2009

Heaven or Hell?

This post should have been posted a week ago on 14th of March when I visited the Central Jail, due to some work I was not able to post it then. Right lets get in to the topic. My project work got over early on 14th of March and so I decided to visit the jail, more importantly to take some snaps due to my friend's interest in photography.

The area used for the jail is huge which resulted in us returning home with sore legs. It was really constructed well and if any of the inmate wants to escape, then he should be ready to loose his life. The hanging arena was half demolished there. Every cell(A-Class, B-Class and C-Class) were similarly constructed. The dark room was mind rattling, I learnt that no one will be accomodated for more than 14 days in dark cell which will make them lunatic. Tamilan TV was covering the jail for a program and they were taking interview from the public.

It looked like a beach on a holiday, with so many shops inside to facilitate the public who flow in. The crowd there was a big one which is not a surprise. The timings for the public to view is from 8 in the morning till 4 in the evening.

We were lucky enough to meet a person who was an inmate sometime ago. He explained some of the activities which they used to perform there. There is a place where they are shown movie every week, place to work with wax(preparing seal), stitching clothes etc. There is a library for the inmates as well which is a good one and as expected there was a meditation centre as well.

What I felt was, the activities inside will be similar to what happens in a camp for the trainees of Police, Military, NCC etc. Apart from staying in darkness with mosqitoes, I don see any kind of difficulty there. It will surely make you workaholic if you are an inmate. On the whole I really loved watching it. The sad part is that it is going to be demolished soon. If you are in chennai then dont miss the opportunity of seeing this place, its worth watching.



Guru said...

planning to drop in sometime soon.. any idea how long it'll be up ?

Yayathy said...

@guru: If you love photography and lucky with a littly crowd around then 2 hrs is more than enough.

AMIT said...

Oh this is indeed a good thing that after a long time also u posted here.

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ashwatha said...

even i thought of visiting it..but i missed it ya!