31 Dec 2009

One more time

This post should have been here a week ago, but it comes here as the last for the year 09'.

I have the habit of watching cricket match on TV and also follow live commentry on cricinfo.com. I always send feedback to the site. I do this for the last three years and for the first time, my comment was displayed earlier this year about which I wrote here. This time it happened during the fourth ODI between India and Sri Lanka last week. It was displayed in the sixteenth over of the Indian innings. You can find that here

I am happy!!!!!



A New Beginning said...

A very happy new year to you :)

Yayathy said...

Wish you the same mate!!

Shimmer said...

hey congrats :D:D
i see uve listed me my blog on ur page. thats very nice.
me grateful :)

Yayathy said...

Its was there to be listed and I did it.