12 Jan 2009

First Time in a home

Support from IM and IM members

To see more pics of the night's program just click HERE

Today is a day which I will remember for a long long time for the experience I had today. My friend took me to "Nalmanam" a Home where little children are taken care after being left out without anyone to take care off. This is the first time I am going to such a place. I really felt so happy being with the children and the kids were so happy to talk to us. I should take my hat off looking at the person who takes care of these children. He has done a real good job so far and I wish him to contine his good work in the days to come.

Initially my friend collected funds from IM and used it to provide some materials to them. We were surprised to see people contributing from round the world. A big thanks to all of them. I wish that I should get enough opportunities to go to such places as much as possible in the future.



crystal... said...

good job man..proceed keep up with your good work

sticker said...

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fairy said...

carry on.... not everyone gets a chance to prove their humanity