5 Dec 2009

Talent alone is not enough

Talent alone is not enough when the luck and support is not with you no matter what ever you do in life.

I love to talk about few people, to start with I see the life of Dr. Abdul Kalam. He is a very hard worker there is no doubt about it, importantly he got the correct guidance from his brother and mentors who motivated him to grow this big. Life of Sachin Tendulkar is an open book as far as Indians are concerned. His parents and importantly his brother Ajit were the reason behind his success, of course his hardwork made him the star for twenty years with a blessing of living in India(A media ruled country). Dr. Kalam and Sachin had the talent in them, they were ready to work hard and they also had the proper support to achieve high.

Now lets see what has happened with people like Rahul Gandhi, Kanimozhi and G.K. Vasan. Their grand parents and parents did the hard work of establishing themselves in the society and their kids claim the honours coming from nowhere just because they have the popular surname. Only god knows whether they have the potential to be what they are.

There is other extreme as well, people know who is Brian Charles Lara. No one suspects his talent or his willingness to work hard without which he would not have hard so many world records. Looking at his career nothing much happened to him. I don know how many of you know what it takes to score a century, its benchmark that determines an innings. Lara scored a double hundred and a hundred in a test and saw his team loosing the match. Can we call it a curse on his talent. His father was not alive when he played for the country, his mother was not alive to see his great achievemnts. No support from his team in most of the matches,his team could have been named as Brian Lara and 10 friends instead of West Indies. Vettori is following lara's steps in the region of unlucky people as of today.

Looking at the different kinds of people, what can we call life as?
Honey on a Thorn????


Rayees Ahamed said...

hi yaya,

thanks 4 nice thoughts in this weekend.

It is always a balance dude, I certainly think that "hard work pays", may be less or more.

PS: Personally I don´t believe in luck but rather in Almighty´s decision as a test of wealth, comfort, education, family, health and death.

Yayathy said...

I do agree that hard work pays, but it does not equal the effort and sacrifices put in. Try reading this page to know about Karna, which will help you know about another example for this post... Also read about Brian Lara to know about his life..


A New Beginning said...

Life is an experience, a new one for every indiviual, be it one who works hard or one who gets everything, the myraid hues of life make one realise how imp it is to be who you are...distinct as an indiviual..you may not outshine others, but can still be one of a kind:)
Nice post! Thanks for your visit to my blog, hope to see you again :)

Shimmer said...
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Shimmer said...

hard work does pay, but it shouldnt be done in vein.
you shuld know when and where to project that hard work.

we cannot determine how much the success obtained means to the conerned person. what may look big to our eyes may be useless or of less importance to the one who obtained it. and vice versa :D
everything depends on your perspective :)

life is not honey or thorn. like a rose bush, you have to overcome the thorns to get to the rose :D

Yayathy said...

@ANB: Individuality is essential to differentiate oneself from others. Everyone does not get the gift of talent, even when they get it, only few are able to expose it due to the circumstances...

@Shimmer: I wrote this post with sportsman inside me(You would have seen it in my profile). This post was based on Lara's effort. No sportsman on earth will love to loose something and that too after giving two hundred percent effort.

About the Rose bush, its a nice way of looking at life.


Yayathy said...

@Rayees:I am waiting for you to update your post.Any chance of you doing it in the near future?


Rayees Ahamed said...


yup man, I got so much to write, but packed up. I hope will post some this Christmas holidays.