31 May 2008

Yet another Gem

     I am very much impressed with the exhibition of character by this lawyer from Sri Lanka.  He kept filling Gilly's boots in every department.  He first proved his class behind the stumps and then in his batting and now its the time for the big one.  In my first post i felt a lot that the end of Gilly might see the end of characterized sportsmanship , but IPL showed us there is Sangakkara to fill the huge boots of Gilly.
     How often we can see batsman walking, but Gilly did it and now its the turn of this Srilankan lawyer who became a wicket-keeper later on to closely follow the foot steps of the man who deserved to be called as the cricketer of his period.  I really wish every cricketer to follow this attitude and justify the name Gentleman's game given for the game of cricket.