16 Feb 2009

What is going around?

I just wanna a share about the crisis going around in my state. All the politicians are so eager to help the tamil people in Lanka. The funny part which I see from it is, everyone wants to just talk for hours about this issue and none wanna go there and be a part of the people to save it. Indian politicians are trying to have publicity for thier parties. During Kargil War, stars like Kapil Dev went to the border and tried to help the military officers, but now every leader just wanna talk talk and talk.

I really don't understand this issue. Tamil people occupied higher posts in the Lankan government in the initial part and lifted the level of their country. Now the issue is the tamil people asking for a seperate country to be partitioned from the existing lanka. This is a well known fact. What I wanna put front is that, the muslims were seperated from India in the form of Pakistan. Today if Pakistani's claim the Kashmir to be theirs, whole of India rear to fight against them and they put in so much support and win the war. Same way if Tamil people in lanka ask for land, our people are supporting for it. What kind of s**t is this. Do our people have the capability to think?

Of course they claim that innocent people should be saved. I agree to that, but they also wanna help the man who is creating so much of chaos in that country. He justs thinks he is a veerappan and troubling the army. The most irritating thing is that our politicians blindly support both the rivals in the country in order to get popularity in India. What if they kill the tigers in lanka, will the Indian leaders die without food.

On the other hand, the lankan government tortures the tamil people in the name of checking, where ever they find a little resemblence with the tamil cultue. It cannot be stopped as their fear is understandable. They cannot afford to let even a single tiger inside the country. If the Indian government really wanna help the Lankan government to come out of this trouble, then they should help in demolishing the terrorists in lanka.

The worst of all is the burning of lifes in India for the sake of tigers. A reporter in chennai tried to frighten everyone and lost his life due to his lack of knowledge. What happened next, the body was taken round the city as if he is a freedom fighter. road blockages and public disturbance were created. Is this necessary? For someone else we are troubling our own selves. Another incident happended in south tamil nadu, where a criminal with more than 5 cases against his name met with an accident where the stove burst and the police officers recorded the incident and the criminal was admitted in the hospital. Now our politicians claim that the criminal burned himself for lanka which the criminal himself refused. After which, they started to provoke the college students which resulted in closure of colleges for 2 weeks.

To be simple, for the sake of Lankan tamils the Indian tamils are made to struggle everyday for their life. Nothing could be worse as this.

Expecting things to change quickly for the sake of our people.



Anonymous said...

I understand your frustration about this topic-politicians feeding upon emotional issues like these.

However, just to get some facts right,

1. Tamil people in Sri Lanka are not asking for a separte country. It is the LTTE which is causing this trouble. All they want is to live a peaceful life like you and me.

2. It is right that a majority of the Muslims belonging to India went to Pakistan. Please note, it is a political decision, and absolutely nothing personal.

3. Kashmir is the biggest mistake of the Britishers. Did you know that Kashmir neither belongs to India nor Pak? In a UN agreement it has been mentioned that the people of Kashmir can decide where they want to be, either as a separate country or with India or Pak. Now arent we equally responsible for the massacre of innocent civilians there?

Ultimately you wil see politics is the start and end for everything.

Yayathy said...

@Mr/Mrs/Miss X: How can LTTE ask for a seperate part for them, will you give a part of your house to some one who came as a guest. Does it make any sense.

Regarding Kashmir, India doesn not do anything to claim it but pakistan is attacking India. Do you call that fair then.


fairy said...

INDIA is a democratic country where everyone has the right to live.Similarly every person has..instead of us(may be politicians or any common man)considering the issue to be a violent and a brutal act..why is it discriminated as an act against thetamilians.First lets consider the people to be as humans and not discriminating them on the basis of caste or creed....

The people who are dying there are humans and every individual (irrespective whether he\she is a tamilian or not)rather than fighting against it and preventing it are handling the issue in a totally negative manner.

It is the duty of a human being to save his fellow members.

Committing suicide and opposing the problem only shows the cowardness of the person and not his bravery or any kind of a great thing.He will be remembered only for a day or so... after that the things are all the same.

Unity is strengh...so lets fight against the people who are trying to ruin the world and stop dividing ourselves in the name of the caste or creed.No religion says it is the greatest or bigger than the other.

We are Indians..then why divide our selves as tamilians.muslims.christians or so.

As INDIANS we can fight back any terror and surely not by dividing ourselves.

Yayathy said...

@Fairy: Actually its not the problem with Indians and the cast or creed. Its the problem of the politicians who develop this issue. I am talking about the terrorists and not the humans who are dying there. We should stop them from killing the innocent people and finish of the terrorists.


fairy said...

i agree to what u say... even i mean the same thing right??????
fight against the terroist as Indians

Rayees Ahamed said...

This is a real sensitive issue dear,

It is absolutely true that the Tamils in srilanka were discriminated in the past(Chandrika Kumaratunga herself agreed this publicly).
This problem would have solved long back in 1987 itself, but the LTTE made a few blunders that have only severed the condition.

First thing:
While today the LTTE claim themselves as saviors of the lankan Tamils, They have actually killed more tamils in the world, than any other organisation or government... They killed thousands of Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization, Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front... why, when Dr. Rajiv gandhi was killed, was he alone ?, hundreds of innocent tamils in the meeting were killed (How do they justify ?).
Srilankan tamils belong to many religious beliefs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists. But they particularily attacked mosques and killed hundreds of muslim tamils praying inside mosque. They made all the muslim tamils to leave the northern srilanka within 24 hours. The once well lived people, even today are struggling along the road side for the sake of next meal.
Are they not Tamils ? ...

Second thing:
The tamils in srilanks can be divided into two categories, namely those who are taken by british as labors, and those who belong to that soil from more than 2000 years (sangik era of tamil)..
DO all the Tamils support LTTE ?
NO.. They actually forced the people to join LTTE.

many neutral Tamilians support Colonel karuna(who left LTTE because of their unethical activities) and elected him as present Member of Parliament of Srilanka...

Support in Tamilnadu:
while half of tamilnadu supports them, the other half do NOT support them. The politions actually are trying to get some mileage out of the emotions of public, and nothing else.

Yayathy said...

@Rayees: Thanks for chipping in and sharing your views mate. My question is why Indian politicians keep talking about saving the people there and not about killing LTTE terrorists?

Rayees Ahamed said...

They are the most organised rebel group wide spread all over the world, particularly in south india, they can easily blow anyone in India, even a Prime minister.

It is important to raise voice against the humanitarian issue about innocent tamils, than to risk their life in the hands of cyanide carriers..

Guru said...

@all: I've made a response post on my blog. Check that out..

comments invited.

Yayathy said...

@rayees: If he wants to die with cynide, let him, why should we bother about it mate. Even that will put this problem to an end.

Ela said...

Yaya...i have to greatly disagree with u on many things....most of the things have already been explained by Rayees and also by Guru in his blog...
To begin with...i believe every human being has to have awareness about other human beings...i personally believe that is what demarcates a civilized person from others...so i feel compassion for people who are suffering adn are denied the minimum standards of life...whether they are from Sri Lanka or from amy other African countries....so the question "why should we care?" seems really rude and gross to me!

Every one who has commented here had made it clear that the SriLankan issue has been complicated by many mistakes in the past... from the politicians both from SriLanka and from India...added to that the mistakes by LTTE...so it has become a mixed up goo of political, cultural and emotional mess...

Like no Indian would agree to give up Kashmir, although as pointed out by ANON it can choose it's state, we do not have any rights to go and ask another country to divide itself...that decision, whether to be or not to be, has to be taken by the people in that country....what we can ask for is the proper treatment of all it's citizens....so the ideal condition would be India help to hasten Sri Lanka to finish off the war, deal with the people (LTTE)that it deems to be anti-social elements to its integrity...then India, as a major pwer in the region, should make it clear to Sri Lanka that it gives equal rights to all its citizens and treat them at par, no matter, what language they speak, what religion they believe in...that should be the case for any country and government but Sri Lanka in it's past did not behave like that....

Every human being has a moral responsibility to stand up and say when something goes wrong...fight for others...that's what MuthuKumaran did...in his won way...i don't advocate wastage of life but if u think what was the option he had to make everybody to listen to him....in a state that is divided upon the fans of actors, upon the political parties people believe in, upon the caste one belongs to we have come to such a point in history that we have forgotten that we all are Tamizhlars....And the youth of today....we have so much to occupy ourselves so even if there needs to be a protest for water the cine stars had to do it....then also our youths go there just to ogle at the actresses and howl when they babble "I luv u Tamil Nadu"...do u think if he had just went on asking people to wake up and fight for humanitarian causes there would have been such a response....but he made everybody stop and notice him...with him his cause....

If asked to make a list of important things for us...we all will make a long list...if asked to cut down to essential we still will be able to make a list....but the most precious thing, the only thing is life...that's why even the poorest poor go on clinging to it....to give it up for the cause of others is the highest form of sacrifice...a mind which can really feel compassionate for fellow human beings and the one that cannot bear the pain and sufferings of others can only do that....so just don't sit on top of a pedestal and dismiss that...

Yayathy said...

@Ela: I never said that we should not bother about the tamils living in Lanka, but to enforce some act to finish of the terrorists in the name of LTTE.

You support anon saying that we have no rights on kashmir which even I agree, but we just cant shut our selves up when pak attack punjab at kargil.

Similarly we cant stop Lanka from attacking, when LTTE is creating so much of chaos in their country. The LTTE is troubling both the lankans as well as the tamils.

You would have seen that after 11/9 every man with turban in USA was suspected as taliban which cannot be accused considering their safety. Similarly people with every resemblence of tamils are checked thoroughly by the lankans to avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

Let me make it clear that I am not supporting neither Lankans nor the Tamils. Since everyone seems to support the tamils, I just wanna tell you the practical difficulty which the lankans are facing in order to defend their country.

I just want the politicians to give a proper solution to safegaurd the tamils other than stopping the war. Regarding tamils facing problems with the SL govt, we can only feel for the public. When people attack with suicide bombing in a refuge camp, how else you expect the govt to treat them.

Finally, regarding Muthukumaran, I like to give you people the unknown truth here. He just tried to frighten every one by running petrol over his body. He thought that it will be flamable as the kerosene and thought of just frightening the public, unfortunately petrol is much highly inflamable than kerosene and caught fire easily and he fell prey to the fire.

This information was given by the police of TN. So this lad's action is never a sacrifice.

Rayees Ahamed said...

whether he did it just for show off or with consent, or he just followed the command of his higher authorities, the reality is not clear, and there is no point in discussing about that.

I would say, EVen, Even if he has done it by himself with full consent, I would not regard it as sacrifice. Sacrifice is not in giving your life for a cause, real sacrifice is in living the whole life for the cause. He has actually punished his own family. He could have rather given life to a widow/refugee of war, or could have adopted a few orphans of the war.

Yayathy said...

@Rayees: Very rightly said mate. Don know how the family will come out of it. Everywhere you can see his photos in posters and banners but his family is struggling at the other end.

Slogger said...

I agree with you (mostly), but whether or not we should involve ourselves with this, is debatable. Doesn’t matter whether we are Tamilian or Indian, as a human being we should voice our concern. Now when these morons like Seeman and Thol Thirma wants Tamilnadu to be separated from India for the sake of Tamils abroad that’s pathetic. I didn’t comment our fellow blogger Ela’s post on Muthukumar death because
1. I did not agree with what he did. Death is easy, but to stand up and fight for injustice is tough.
2. When your action is based on conclusion which is utter nonsense, what can be done? Rajaji once questioned Gandhi’s idea of fasting to death, saying that it will set an incorrect precedence for the future. He was damn right.
Anyhow all I want these morons to answer is what they want Indian Government to do? Invade? Here is our Chief Ass Minister sitting in the Hospital and for anything he comes back and says oh I am the Hospital, then why the heck is he the Chief Minister! Retire and sit at home with your 2 wives. Look, what’s happening in Sri Lanka is brutal and the only people who should be blamed for this massacre are the Dravidian Party members.

Yayathy said...

@Slogger: You have given the correct thought, I don know how many are going to accept it. As Rayees said, it is not sure that whether these burnings are well organised or co-incidental.


Rayees Ahamed said...

LTTE news report: 22 Feb 2009

"our expatriate Eezham Tamils are very active on conductive non-violent protests including extreme self-sacrifice of self-immolation world-wide to show solidarity with us"