5 Jan 2009

Tough time

Today I had the zeroth review of my Final semester project. We(our batch) took a lot of effort to get the data from our guide, formulated the presentation and we did present our topic well but what happened there was quite unexpected, the head was in no mood to understand may be his level of understanding is such (thats usual in Anna University). We tried our level best to clear the doubts and at one extent we really got frustrated with the stupid questions being posted at us.

I really don't know how the heck these people become professors when they have this little knowledge. We had our review for 20 minutes approx, and none of the questions were sensible. I really had an irritating passage of Q&A session as this is the first time I am in for such a process. May be I get used to it. Finally the hard work done by us was made a mockery. I am really confused how to prepare for the next review to tackle these men.



Slogger said...

Hey What department? I did my Mechanical in CEG, I remember those days :((

Ela said...

U know the rule?! "There are no such things as stupid questions, esp. when the prof.s ask them"

i know it is hard but u will get used to that...and always the satisfaction comes from inside...that u did ur best..if u start looking forward for judging urself from the view point of others it will not help u...

Yayathy said...

@Slogger: I do my electrical man.
No one can forget their engineering life if they have studied under anna university.

@Ela: Thank you very much akka. Actually the question was so stupid like, when you submit your thesis and the professor commenting on the way you wrote the alphabets rather about your report. Tell me how to react to such crap.


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fairy said...

its fine...... haeds are only fit for talking.... in action.... is a big question mark.... dont panic or show frustrations..... calm man .....enjoy it