23 Feb 2009

A Legend

It is hardly nineteen years before when this legend made his debut. Today he is the first Indian to bag two Oscars. Born to a music director, music was there in his blood from the beginning. He left his studies due to his family problems, that was the turn around in his life. He struggled alot, worked so hard, joined Ilayaraja's troop and got established. He worked on and on and today he reached the Oscar. He really deserves this award. What a cool head he has and how good of a person he is. The good nature and humble character is what got him to this feet.

By getting the oscar he made India proud and by speaking tamil there, he made Tamilians proud. Even now he is not showing any emotions. How many others could do that. This is the sign of a Legend. Lots to learn from him.

Slumdog Millionaire swept the Oscar awards with 8 awards.

A.R.R should walk on the moon with this award. bring something higher thatn this, Rahman will get even that with his cool head.


21 Feb 2009

What a waste?

I don know wheather this post is worth in this world or not. Still I write in order to open some of the eyes which are shut. Every year at the month of June, the admission for the colleges begins with so much of chaos and cases regarding the entrance exam. After the students get in to the college and start learning, there is a very big competition between both the genders for everything. I don wanna discuss about the partiality shown by the staff defending one gender and their inability in certain fields.

At the end of the course, how many students work, making some sense to the education provided to them. Most of the students enjoy their own business which is welcomed by everyone. The other category is the most worst in the world, the girls who prefer marriage than working and the girls who quit their work after marriage. The other extreme is prefering a job which can never make use of their studies like how Dravid, Laxman, Srinath, Srikanth, Arya etc. did. What this makes is shuts down the opportunity for so many of the students who need that education . The X factor students compete, push up others, deny others chances and finally waste everything at the end. The other kind of students are who prefer higher studies and still get themselves a job by shutting down others opportunity and leave the job for the sake of their higher studies.

People start study just because education is available to them, is that a wise move to get the education and waste it at the end? They may see it as something they are capable of, but it is something which will be a backbone for so many families. Such people who afford to waste should think about these effects and act wisely.


16 Feb 2009

What is going around?

I just wanna a share about the crisis going around in my state. All the politicians are so eager to help the tamil people in Lanka. The funny part which I see from it is, everyone wants to just talk for hours about this issue and none wanna go there and be a part of the people to save it. Indian politicians are trying to have publicity for thier parties. During Kargil War, stars like Kapil Dev went to the border and tried to help the military officers, but now every leader just wanna talk talk and talk.

I really don't understand this issue. Tamil people occupied higher posts in the Lankan government in the initial part and lifted the level of their country. Now the issue is the tamil people asking for a seperate country to be partitioned from the existing lanka. This is a well known fact. What I wanna put front is that, the muslims were seperated from India in the form of Pakistan. Today if Pakistani's claim the Kashmir to be theirs, whole of India rear to fight against them and they put in so much support and win the war. Same way if Tamil people in lanka ask for land, our people are supporting for it. What kind of s**t is this. Do our people have the capability to think?

Of course they claim that innocent people should be saved. I agree to that, but they also wanna help the man who is creating so much of chaos in that country. He justs thinks he is a veerappan and troubling the army. The most irritating thing is that our politicians blindly support both the rivals in the country in order to get popularity in India. What if they kill the tigers in lanka, will the Indian leaders die without food.

On the other hand, the lankan government tortures the tamil people in the name of checking, where ever they find a little resemblence with the tamil cultue. It cannot be stopped as their fear is understandable. They cannot afford to let even a single tiger inside the country. If the Indian government really wanna help the Lankan government to come out of this trouble, then they should help in demolishing the terrorists in lanka.

The worst of all is the burning of lifes in India for the sake of tigers. A reporter in chennai tried to frighten everyone and lost his life due to his lack of knowledge. What happened next, the body was taken round the city as if he is a freedom fighter. road blockages and public disturbance were created. Is this necessary? For someone else we are troubling our own selves. Another incident happended in south tamil nadu, where a criminal with more than 5 cases against his name met with an accident where the stove burst and the police officers recorded the incident and the criminal was admitted in the hospital. Now our politicians claim that the criminal burned himself for lanka which the criminal himself refused. After which, they started to provoke the college students which resulted in closure of colleges for 2 weeks.

To be simple, for the sake of Lankan tamils the Indian tamils are made to struggle everyday for their life. Nothing could be worse as this.

Expecting things to change quickly for the sake of our people.


6 Feb 2009

Auction of IPL

The most expected auction for the IPL begined today at 10:45 am. At the end of auction Dhoni came down two steps after enjoying the most expensive player of the IPL last season. The first of the big names JP Duminey was bought by the Mumbai Indians for a sum of 950,000 dollars. The next one was the big man Andrew Flintoff who is the present expensive player alongside K Pietersen. Flintoff was bought by the Chennai Super Kings and the former English captain by Banglore Royal Challengers. As always the Rajasthan Royals used little money to get the developing player as they did last time. They ended up buying Shaun Tait. Out of all the players, Flintoff is the best pick as far as I am concerned as he is one of the greatest all rounders who can be depended in any situation. Still no idea about the world's top all rounder Shakib Al Hasan and upcoming bowler Mortaza.

Lets hope this Season also entertains the spectators as it did last year.


1 Feb 2009

Truth and calmness triumps

Yesterday I was witnessing the day and night encounter between India and Srilanka. It was one of the greatest matches I have ever seen. It was a match where luck was against the indian team right through. To start with, sachin was judged out which was a wrong decision, then the blunder was to judge Yuvraj out which was the mistake of the match and tilted the match in the favour of the hosts. When the hosts batted, Jayasuriya and Kadamby was not given out even though it was plumb in front. A boundary was judged without even consulting the third umpire when there was a close call when Raina fielded.

The worst ever thing to happen to the Indians was when a fulltoss from zaheer hit the wicket but the bails didnt fall and moreover the ball went for 4 byes. Again when dhoni threw the ball on to the stumps to claim a runout, the bails again did its job for the hosts. What ever it is, Indians kept their cool and fought till the end and won the match in style.

Luck may play against us, Umpires may play against us, but the hard work and full hearted effort won the match for the Indians. I wish them to win the series and claim the Top spot in the ICC rankings.