21 Jan 2009

Obama hits a first ball Six

American President Obama hits a first ball six as far as Indians are concerned.
After becoming the 44th and president and first Afro-American president, the first work done by him is to stop the provision of funds to the Pakistanis till they stop terrorism. Indians were trying so long to stop this and they were not able to do it successfully with the politicians slow approach. Now the Pakistanis doesnt have any other option than stoping terrorism. What a good move it is. He also said that his target will be to make is world a terrorism free one in four years. I am really happy with it and expect more from him.



"the girl who ate everything and didnt even burp" said...

He's come as a blessing to all :)

Yayathy said...

Lets see mate, we expect something great from him.


edith said...

he also serve on Martin Luther King's Day and Call all American to join.

Rayees Ahamed said...

I read somewhere in one of the conspiracy theories well before obama came to power, when some historians actually had predicted that the next move of US will possibly be towards pak, while they claim that US is basically not after pak or middle east and not even after the terrorists but they are actually after Russia and China, the possible future super powers.