29 Nov 2009

Franchise keeps me busy

Sometime back I was given an opportunity by my friend with a Franchise which keeps me busy. It has a great potential and gives a good opportunity to earn, apart from that, it moulds people and develops their personality as well. Yes I am talking about Amway India Enterprises in India and Amway global across the world. From my Higher Secondary level I love chemistry(but that cannot be seen in my marks). This company helps me to live an eco-friendly life which really attracted me. I have heard about this opportunity when I was studying in school, I thought its just another way to earn. Now when I got into it I realise the values it brings to the people. When I kept attending the seminars, I came to know that qualification is not necessary to achieve in life, but qualification will help us achieve it a little easily. Brave heart and strong thought is what required to succeed in life.

When I was studying in school, I know that Job is the only way to keep our life secured. Now in 2009, looking at the recession, I dont think job goers will have a happy hunting at the office. Surely my batch students will know the actual state of the companies at present. Due to this economic condition, most of my mates are struggling to kill time where I am a little busy for which I thank the almighty...
Hope things get normal in the near future.



Rayees Ahamed said...

"eco-friendly life" very impressive , Not many of us think about environment in their career.

I wish you all the very best.

Yayathy said...

Thank You very much Rayees. Its just round the corner to get globalised. People has to become eco-friendly to survive in this earth. Is it not?

crystal.... said...

...you are very much true regarding our batch luckiest set we could ever see.rather to sit at home killing time seeing people at home.u have done a good job man.but don't leave up your career goal hoping you have this in hand..

be optimistic keep trying, you will not only establish in your business but even in setting a proper career other than amway too..

god bless....!!!

camilynn said...


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