21 Feb 2009

What a waste?

I don know wheather this post is worth in this world or not. Still I write in order to open some of the eyes which are shut. Every year at the month of June, the admission for the colleges begins with so much of chaos and cases regarding the entrance exam. After the students get in to the college and start learning, there is a very big competition between both the genders for everything. I don wanna discuss about the partiality shown by the staff defending one gender and their inability in certain fields.

At the end of the course, how many students work, making some sense to the education provided to them. Most of the students enjoy their own business which is welcomed by everyone. The other category is the most worst in the world, the girls who prefer marriage than working and the girls who quit their work after marriage. The other extreme is prefering a job which can never make use of their studies like how Dravid, Laxman, Srinath, Srikanth, Arya etc. did. What this makes is shuts down the opportunity for so many of the students who need that education . The X factor students compete, push up others, deny others chances and finally waste everything at the end. The other kind of students are who prefer higher studies and still get themselves a job by shutting down others opportunity and leave the job for the sake of their higher studies.

People start study just because education is available to them, is that a wise move to get the education and waste it at the end? They may see it as something they are capable of, but it is something which will be a backbone for so many families. Such people who afford to waste should think about these effects and act wisely.



Rayees Ahamed said...


Thats true, India being a developing country, a land of too much competition and future being unpredictable, most Indians do not have any particular aim or specific GOAL in life, but rush to grab whatever is better of the choices at hand. The girls do professional courses not to get qualified Job but only to get a qualified groom. We cannot blame it, in a longer run it certainly has a feed back, i mean all those who did not join their respective jobs (unavailable for the positions), have obviously create a demand for skilled people and that in turn will be reflected back by increase number of institutions, say more engineering colleges will emerge to fulfill the demand. So in a longer view, i should say, "Dhaaniki Dheeni ellame onnuthaan".

fairy said...

learn the way the life wants to teach you.... it is useless to brude over things.... may be you are right at some points... but i will not agree with u at everything... but whatever ... i hope u stand up to all this and be a good competitive to others..