9 Apr 2009

Its Fun Time

In the dull season of blogging I find something to write to kick things off.

I am almost nearing the end of my college life. My batch is a different one as we are the only batch to finish our degree without a single industrial visit. We guys really wanted to have some fun and so we decided to go out for a day. We all sat and discussed about this in the Siding train(the place we will have loads of fun). We came to a conclusion that Queensland will be the appropriate place to go and to add ice to the cake we planned to go in bike. The highway was too good to ride the bike and I was very pleased to see all our guys turned up with their helmets. We started the ride by 8.30 in the morning and reached the place by 10. From then its only enjoyment till dusk.

More than the games we played there, the fun we had being together is priceless. We took so many photos as we could find so much of good locations there. We had a pretty good lunch there. An important thing to be mentioned is that, the rates inside the amusement park to our surprise is pretty ordinary. When we go to any theatre to watch a movie the rates are 5 to 6 times the original one, but here its pretty cheap. They maintain this place so well which has to be appreciated. I am waiting for another opportunity to go for an outing like this and I am pretty sure that we will have one in the month of may.