21 Jan 2009

Obama hits a first ball Six

American President Obama hits a first ball six as far as Indians are concerned.
After becoming the 44th and president and first Afro-American president, the first work done by him is to stop the provision of funds to the Pakistanis till they stop terrorism. Indians were trying so long to stop this and they were not able to do it successfully with the politicians slow approach. Now the Pakistanis doesnt have any other option than stoping terrorism. What a good move it is. He also said that his target will be to make is world a terrorism free one in four years. I am really happy with it and expect more from him.


20 Jan 2009

14 Jan 2009

For the first time....

I just felt this topic is worth posting, which made me do so. Here I go with the different phase of my life.

From my kinder garden till 2007 all my holidays have been enjoyable. In the holidays the only thing I know will be enjoyment like playing cricket, tv, browsing, movies etc. and nothing else. Now being in the final semester of my college, I have just two days of college per week. Since I do the project in the college premisis, I should be literaly free on the remaining 5 days, instead I am busier than ever in these days. I really cant judge from where the work is coming up for me to make my day busy. May be this is a different phase of a life. I really feel quite strange to live this kind of life, still I enjoy it. The project is going on well after my zeroth review, so I have no probs in doing those work. I hope my project goes well so that I need not worry being busy with other work. By the way Happy Pongal and a great New year to all my tamil readers.


12 Jan 2009

First Time in a home

Support from IM and IM members

To see more pics of the night's program just click HERE

Today is a day which I will remember for a long long time for the experience I had today. My friend took me to "Nalmanam" a Home where little children are taken care after being left out without anyone to take care off. This is the first time I am going to such a place. I really felt so happy being with the children and the kids were so happy to talk to us. I should take my hat off looking at the person who takes care of these children. He has done a real good job so far and I wish him to contine his good work in the days to come.

Initially my friend collected funds from IM and used it to provide some materials to them. We were surprised to see people contributing from round the world. A big thanks to all of them. I wish that I should get enough opportunities to go to such places as much as possible in the future.


9 Jan 2009

Who cares about it?

Last one month has been a very tough time for me especially from the government. People say its very normal in India. I just cant take it anymore. First the difference in timings of 2 offices under chennai corporation annoyed me, then the cops working sincerely, only during the traffic week, chaos at the ration shop, finally the convoy and the security for the Chief Minister. But the last incident pushed me to the extreme to post on this topic.

I have already posted about the corporations offices and their work culture in this post.

The funniest thing happend in the city for the past one week is, the cops are very sincere at the traffic signals which is quite unusual to them. They were very strict on the stop line issue and the signal breaking. All this happened just as a formality to pay tribute to the traffic week. I just ask them will their crown fall down if they do it regularly.

This is heartbreaking, the chaos in the ration shop should be viwed seriously. The employes there don't know how to respect the public(let it even be senior citizens). Even the public was not co-operative as well. The atmosphere there was sick. I don know who is going to find a solution to this. I wish to highlight one point here, the government employees should consider them as human beings and not as god.

Finally the trouble while travelling on the road, due to security problems. I was travelling back home with my friend in my two-wheeler when my friend wanted to stop by an atm and get money for which I stopped, before my friend could come back, I was chased by the cops from the spot which made me wait for my friend at the end of the road which is a kilometer long. My friend walked all the way to find me at the road end. It is a very busy road so turning back and travelling on the opposite(which we do at emergency) is alomost impossible. What I want to know is that, VVVVVVIP's can go where ever they want and the traffic can be regulated(which should be stopped first). When they stop people from even stopping on the road side for their personnel work, it really irritates any common man. It even irritated me, but I could do very little about it in a place where politicians are seen as someone holy.

5 Jan 2009

Tough time

Today I had the zeroth review of my Final semester project. We(our batch) took a lot of effort to get the data from our guide, formulated the presentation and we did present our topic well but what happened there was quite unexpected, the head was in no mood to understand may be his level of understanding is such (thats usual in Anna University). We tried our level best to clear the doubts and at one extent we really got frustrated with the stupid questions being posted at us.

I really don't know how the heck these people become professors when they have this little knowledge. We had our review for 20 minutes approx, and none of the questions were sensible. I really had an irritating passage of Q&A session as this is the first time I am in for such a process. May be I get used to it. Finally the hard work done by us was made a mockery. I am really confused how to prepare for the next review to tackle these men.


1 Jan 2009

Its all crazy.....

As the new year was approaching everyone started to ask me whats special about this year, whats the resolution and so on. Is it a rule to have something like that for the new year. As far as I am concern a new year just stays as a reference for the whole world to maintain the records. Apart from that its just an ordinary day. I really don understand why people go to temple and wake god at 12 in the night and offer their praying and sleep the whole day. cant they pray in the morning. All in all, people make this day special and welcome this particular day when all the 365 days are born in a similar fashion. If they feel this is a very special day then they should work really hard rather sleeping the whole day and enjoying it as a holiday. Finally if resolutions are required to be made, what harm did the rest of the 364 days did. One thing I understood, if every one does some crapy things then it becomes a procedure. People must surely be crazy.

If I say all this they call me I am philosophical. If truth is seen as philosophy then what life will be seen as?