14 Mar 2009

Third time in three years

Yesterday I made it 3 out of 3 as far as blood donation at the college is concerned. It happened for the first time when I was in my second year of my engineering when a blood donation camp was organised in my college. Initially I was very scared about it, but my friends gave me courage and made me mentally strong about this. Now I love to be a regular donar.

While I was moving towards my exam hall, I was called by my staff to be a part of the group which was getting ready to donate blood. I managed to get three guys from my class along with me. This time the camp held at a health centre which is about 10km from my college. It was the govt. hospital that was conducting the camp. The feel of donating blood can only be felt and no words can express it. We donate it in the camp and we feel such, how good will it be if we get a chance to donate it at the hospital for an emergency purpose(hope no such serious cases occur).

This is the only donation which we are able to do when we are consious. Other donations are done with a perspective that it cannot be used by us anymore, but blood is not of that type. I wish everyone have the awareness about donating blood and come forward to donate it regularly.



crystal... said...

great work....i too to love to donate blood...hope u continue always, not only in college

Rayees Ahamed said...

Thats cool ...

I av never donated blood, may be coz the chance or initiative didn´t come in my life, but willing to do. All my friends who had donated have said the same thing that they were hesitating in the first time but later they all have become regular donors. One of my friend as principle donates every three months.

May God Bless you

Yayathy said...

@Crystal: I love to continue but its always better when it comes to your work place.

@Rayees: Its such a nice feeling after you donate blood. If you start it then you will be itching to do it again and again. Thank You for your wishes.

ashwatha said...

sorry to say this but i have never donated blood..but eagerly waiting for a chance to come!!