29 Mar 2011

Pressure, Pressure and Pressure

Its pressure, pressure and pressure in the air in the city of Mohali as it prepares for most celebrated match at the cricket kumba mela (INDIA versus PAKISTAN at the World Cup). Whenever India plays Pakistan, the whole nation watches it like a war. It always happens due to the tension at the Indo-Pak border.

The players never take that much tension and they enjoy the game with the pride of playing for their country in their heart. Looking at the way both the teams reached the semi-final there is a lot of difference. Pakistan qualified to the Semis mostly depending on their bowling. India on the other hand needed ammunition in both their departments (batting and bowling). Indian fielding got improved as the tournament progressed to the knockout stage which is a boon to the team.

Indians played THE match of the tournament in the quarters against Australia which needed a gutsy performance and steel nerves from the Indians to seal the match against the team which was the the champions for over a decade.

The politicians seek an opportunity to revive the good relationship between India and Pakistan. At Mohali there are 4000 police men on duty to protect the cricket teams. Mohali has been announced as a No Fly zone till the match and the tickets are sold out as expected. All the hotels are booked for a radius of 25km from the stadium. Both the country's prime ministers are set to watch the match together.

About the match, the pitch is expected to be a belter(Batsmen friendly) which will be a ploy to expose the weakness in the Pak batting line up. The world cup history says that India has won all its games against pakistan in the world cup so far which gives a 100% Win - loss record.

The match is set to begin at 14:30 hrs IST. Tendulkar eyes his 100th international century and India look forward to keep their 100% record against Pakistan in WC intact. To say the least, the team with steel nerves will emerge victorious.



24 Mar 2011


I write this post for a simple reason, I have not posted anything for 296 days and I feel its really a long time. So what keeps me busy? I have three things on hand now, Firstly its my training at the Electricity Board, Secondly I have my business and thirdly 'I STUDY'. To sum things up I travel a minimum of 100 KM everyday. All these stuff kept me away from my blog before I started missing something which I started so passionately three years ago. Hope I stay back here and post more in future.