1 Jun 2010

Its Back Again

Finally the most anticipated exams are back. My University exams starts this saturday and proceed till mid July. Its been more than a year since I have prepared for a University exam and now I got to do it all again. Hope everything goes well.


8 Mar 2010


The year 1973 as changed the phase of Indian sports with the emergence of three all time great sports personalities. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Rahul Sharad Dravid and Leander Paes. There are so many others born in the same year and achieved in various fields, but the reason which made me scribble about these three giants is there Never Give In attitude. Leander and Sachin are the stalwarts in their respective games. Both have completed two decades of International sports and still doesnt have the mood to retire. They still appear as a 16 year old wanting to play more and more. Sachin has all the records in the book, Leander has the Olympic medal and what can you say about charismatic Dravid.

If you take the whole of the 70's, it has given us best sportsmen of all time in the like of Sehwag, Zaheer, Ganguly, Kumble, Laxman, Mahesh Bhupathi, Dileep Tirkey, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore etc, but 73 in specific has produced world beaters, which made me write this post.
The players born in the 80's should also follow the foot prints of their seniors and take Indian sports to the next level.


Could you say in which sport the guys mentioned in the second Paragraph represented India.

25 Feb 2010

Is anyone there to succeed him?

Yesterday I lost all my senses looking at a person who is so humble even when the world is ready to worship him, yes I am talking about Sachin Tendulkar. As soon as I say this name, everyone will get the thought that he is the luckiest person and a god gifted batsman, which he is. He is one sportsman who I always admire from my childhood. Yesterday he achieved a feat which no other batsman reached, he became the first man on the planet to score an ODI double hundred which came against one of the best bowling attacks(Proteas) if not the best.

He has completed two decades of international cricket and still growing strong. He is still the same as he was at his teen when he made his debut. He always reminds that his father always checks him that he doesn't take the pride to his head. He follows it till date and dedicates his achievement to his father who is no more. He lost his father in the year 1999 when India was playing in the world cup. He came back to India and completed his ritual rights and went back to score a century in the tournament which dropped most of the jaws in the world. Thats the commitment of this great man.

He always celebrates well after scoring a century early in his career. After his father died his celebrations after scoring hundred has changed. Yesterday when he scored his 93rd international hundred he looked at the sky as he does nowadays. I simply felt like he is talking to his father in the heaven.

We may see many batsman in future and some may even break Sachin's record, but I am sure no one on this earth can be as modest as Tedulkar after achieving so much.

I wish God gives Sachin many more years in his life, also make many of his fans to follow him in life...


21 Feb 2010


I write this post for shimmer who tagged me. Personally I am not a big fan of such posts.

8 TV Shows I watch
I Dont watch TV much. Still there are few
1. Cricket
2. EPL
3. WWE
4. Neeya Naana
5. Asatha Povathu yaaru
6. Athu Ithu Ethu
7. Coffee with Anu
8. Jaya Max(Any time of the day)

8 Favorite places to eat
1. My Bed(I just love it)
2. Paramount
3. Breeze
4. Zaroor
5. White Field
6. KFC
7. School and College(Many hands in one box)
8. All small food outlets in and around my area.

8 things I look forward to
1. Boom in the business
2. Getting a job
3. Convocation
4. Meeting my Chemistry Sir
5. Getting back my fitness
6. Become calm
7. University exams and preparations(Its been some time since I prepared for an exam)
8. Something new which I have never tasted in my life

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Travelled a long distance.
2. Was extremely happy to see an engineering college with good infrastructure.
3. Ate alot.
4. Slept well.
5. Got irritated with the cancellation of the meeting.
6. fought with my friend.
7. Played games after a long time.
8. Watched TV.

8 Things I love about winters
1. Spraying drizzle.
2. My Cup of Tea.(Any time in the day)
3. Chilness while I ride without helmet.
4. Keeping my hands in the pocket to feel the warmth.
5. Murky morning.
6. Looking people struggle in the extreme temperature.
7. Good morning sleep.
8. Hot dinner.

8 Things I'm passionate about
1. My Business.
2. Science
3. Following Sports.
4. Playing games.
5. Officiating games.
6. Food of any kind.
7. Dreaming about future
8. Driving

8 words or phrases I use often
1. Oh Boy
2. What?
3. My goodness
4. Then....
5. Mate
6. F..k
7. Oops
8. God...!

8 Things I learnt from the Past
1. Never take things for granted.
2. Think Negative so that you can eradicate them.
3. Think before letting any word.
4. Listen to both heart and mind.
5. Never blame anyone.
6. Do not allow others to take control of yourself.
7. Practice can make man perfect.
8. Nothing can be predicted

8 Places I would love to Go,Visit or See

1. Wellington.
2. Trinidad.
3. Colombo.
4. Indo-Pak Border.
5. Pakistan and Bangladesh.
6. Manchester
7. Western Australia
8. Eazham

I don wanna torture any of my mates and so I dont tag anyone for this post.


18 Feb 2010


The state of my mind is just like the title of this post when I look at what was happening in my page. I started to post in the year 2007 when my friend introduced this site to me. I use to write alot, but number of people visiting my page will be very little. Nowadays even though I don't write much, the traffic to my page is huge and also the visitors are distributed across the globe. I really can't believe this. Also my fellow bloggers back in 07 became almost inactive and I got new mates. What ever it is, I thank google for giving such a wonderful site which helped me to learn a lot of facts and earn a lot of friends. I thank all my fellow mates for coming into my life through this site.


24 Jan 2010

Someone care about this....

This is my first post of the year and I have something to debate about. As the year broke, most of the people started reviewing the decade. I went a little beyond and looked at last 15 years. If was in coma during this period then I would have surely asked which planet am I in. I could see that many changes. The first thing I could notice is, my city being more crowded. I agree the development is huge, but that can be seen only in cities and not in the rural areas. Every day there are so many people who move to urban areas in search of their fortune, which can be accepted but the problem is they don't wanna leave the place even after the work is done. If this continues then in a few more years it will become impossible to live in cities. Now How do you solve this problem?

The govt can issue identity card to people with their native and date of immigration. Let them leave the city after they retire. It may look complicated but that can be accepted keeping in mind that the city keeps growing everyday. Only in India the rules are not that effective. Now we got to tighten the noose on such things to make our place a better one to live.....