23 Feb 2009

A Legend

It is hardly nineteen years before when this legend made his debut. Today he is the first Indian to bag two Oscars. Born to a music director, music was there in his blood from the beginning. He left his studies due to his family problems, that was the turn around in his life. He struggled alot, worked so hard, joined Ilayaraja's troop and got established. He worked on and on and today he reached the Oscar. He really deserves this award. What a cool head he has and how good of a person he is. The good nature and humble character is what got him to this feet.

By getting the oscar he made India proud and by speaking tamil there, he made Tamilians proud. Even now he is not showing any emotions. How many others could do that. This is the sign of a Legend. Lots to learn from him.

Slumdog Millionaire swept the Oscar awards with 8 awards.

A.R.R should walk on the moon with this award. bring something higher thatn this, Rahman will get even that with his cool head.



FAIRY said...

as an indian i am very proud of him... as a music lover i am very happy that his talent has been awarded at the international level... JAIHIND

roshan said...

he is surely god of music... without any doubt.. good human