31 Dec 2009

One more time

This post should have been here a week ago, but it comes here as the last for the year 09'.

I have the habit of watching cricket match on TV and also follow live commentry on cricinfo.com. I always send feedback to the site. I do this for the last three years and for the first time, my comment was displayed earlier this year about which I wrote here. This time it happened during the fourth ODI between India and Sri Lanka last week. It was displayed in the sixteenth over of the Indian innings. You can find that here

I am happy!!!!!


25 Dec 2009

Uncommon in modern day

Uncommon incidents always draw our attention. One such incident happened yesterday during the cricket match between India and Sri Lanka. People struggle so much to earn money and fame which gives them the social esteem, yesterday I saw a man earning both and then giving to his fellow mate. It was really touching to see something happening like this in India(A media ruled country).

The match was stolen by Gauti(Gambhir) and Virat(Kohli)with their brilliant 224 run stand notching up centuries. It was a great performance from these two to earn a victory like this to seal the series. After the match during the post match presentation ceremony, Gautam Gambhir was judged as the Man of the Match, but he refused to recieve the award and recommended Kohli for it which included the cash award and trophy along with the fame given by the Indian media. It was a real difficult choice to judge the man of the match and due to the fact that Gambhir finished the match, he was selected for it.

This is not an incident which happens every now and then. This shows the affection and motivation for others present in the Indian dressing room which is difficult to achieve in such a vast country.

Hats off to Indian cricketers for exhibiting such things on Media. Expecting more from them in the future.................

BTW: Merry Christmas!!!!!!


10 Dec 2009

Crazy People

Just 21 days left for the crazy people to prepare themselves. I really don't know what drives them so crazy on that day. We have 365 days in a year but people tend to celebrate only on the first. I see so many funny things with this New Year celebrations. People take resolutions on this day indicating that new year will bring good fortune, I don't know what fault they find in the remaining 364 days to take a resolution. I have seen some of my friends taking decision by the 9th or 10th month, but will wait till the new year to start implementing them. Calender is formed as a reference which can solve so many confusions around the globe. People mistook it as something else and celebrate the whole night. My other observation is that everyone wants to welcome the New Year and stay awake till midnight. They think it is something special, but no one is ready to do their routine on that special day and sleep till noon due to the overnight's tiredness.

If we rewind 25 years, most of the occasions would be missing as considered to the present. If people keep growing the list of festivals and celebrations in this pace, even 365 days wont be enough. I don't know who started these stuff, but nothing seems to be under control as the years pass by. I am afraid where it is going to take the world in the future.

I strongly believe that people who are uncertain of themselves are the ones who blame the planets and other such things. Every day is a new one and auspicious enough to achieve. So rather waiting for an occasion and the position of the planets to start our work, we can believe in ourself and start good work on any day.

I expect a decline in this years celebration as compared to last year. Don Know how things will pan out this time.....


5 Dec 2009

Talent alone is not enough

Talent alone is not enough when the luck and support is not with you no matter what ever you do in life.

I love to talk about few people, to start with I see the life of Dr. Abdul Kalam. He is a very hard worker there is no doubt about it, importantly he got the correct guidance from his brother and mentors who motivated him to grow this big. Life of Sachin Tendulkar is an open book as far as Indians are concerned. His parents and importantly his brother Ajit were the reason behind his success, of course his hardwork made him the star for twenty years with a blessing of living in India(A media ruled country). Dr. Kalam and Sachin had the talent in them, they were ready to work hard and they also had the proper support to achieve high.

Now lets see what has happened with people like Rahul Gandhi, Kanimozhi and G.K. Vasan. Their grand parents and parents did the hard work of establishing themselves in the society and their kids claim the honours coming from nowhere just because they have the popular surname. Only god knows whether they have the potential to be what they are.

There is other extreme as well, people know who is Brian Charles Lara. No one suspects his talent or his willingness to work hard without which he would not have hard so many world records. Looking at his career nothing much happened to him. I don know how many of you know what it takes to score a century, its benchmark that determines an innings. Lara scored a double hundred and a hundred in a test and saw his team loosing the match. Can we call it a curse on his talent. His father was not alive when he played for the country, his mother was not alive to see his great achievemnts. No support from his team in most of the matches,his team could have been named as Brian Lara and 10 friends instead of West Indies. Vettori is following lara's steps in the region of unlucky people as of today.

Looking at the different kinds of people, what can we call life as?
Honey on a Thorn????