3 Mar 2009

1 more to the tally

It has happened again. What else to do with these people who are scared to put an end to these culprits. Last time when I wrote about this topic some of my fellow bloggers opposed by saying that the civilians should be viewed seriously at the cost of letting the terrorists go. Today something happened to make them re-think everything.

What does these terrorists want. Will there be an end to it. Looking at the present politicians in the sub-continent, these activities will never end. Isnt there one aggressive politician. People who live in Pak and Lanka are crying everyday to live a peaceful life. How long can some one wait for things to get back on track.

Sports are meant to create international friendship. When the sports personalities are attacked, then there should be no excuse for these culprits. What is the problem between the terrorists and people like Sanga. Why on earth would some one attack the brand ambassodars who visit your country. If the leaders doesnt react even to this then there is no use of believing on them to lead us through.

By God's grace nothing happened to any of our cricketers. I pray for their welfare.


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