20 Mar 2009

Heaven or Hell?

This post should have been posted a week ago on 14th of March when I visited the Central Jail, due to some work I was not able to post it then. Right lets get in to the topic. My project work got over early on 14th of March and so I decided to visit the jail, more importantly to take some snaps due to my friend's interest in photography.

The area used for the jail is huge which resulted in us returning home with sore legs. It was really constructed well and if any of the inmate wants to escape, then he should be ready to loose his life. The hanging arena was half demolished there. Every cell(A-Class, B-Class and C-Class) were similarly constructed. The dark room was mind rattling, I learnt that no one will be accomodated for more than 14 days in dark cell which will make them lunatic. Tamilan TV was covering the jail for a program and they were taking interview from the public.

It looked like a beach on a holiday, with so many shops inside to facilitate the public who flow in. The crowd there was a big one which is not a surprise. The timings for the public to view is from 8 in the morning till 4 in the evening.

We were lucky enough to meet a person who was an inmate sometime ago. He explained some of the activities which they used to perform there. There is a place where they are shown movie every week, place to work with wax(preparing seal), stitching clothes etc. There is a library for the inmates as well which is a good one and as expected there was a meditation centre as well.

What I felt was, the activities inside will be similar to what happens in a camp for the trainees of Police, Military, NCC etc. Apart from staying in darkness with mosqitoes, I don see any kind of difficulty there. It will surely make you workaholic if you are an inmate. On the whole I really loved watching it. The sad part is that it is going to be demolished soon. If you are in chennai then dont miss the opportunity of seeing this place, its worth watching.


17 Mar 2009

I got it atlast

I just love sports and as most of the Indians I too like cricket. Exactly 9 years ago I knew about the site www.cricinfo.com, since then I regularly visit that site for checking the scores. But I started to read the entire content of the site from 2007. From then on I use to comment on various issues at the commentry, most of my friends also comment there as well but it has never been displayed. Last saturday to my surprise my comment was displayed for the first time. I was really happy that my comment was displayed. Hope it happens again and again. It was displayed at the time of Yuvraj Singh's dismissal in the 19th over. click this to see the comment.

14 Mar 2009

Third time in three years

Yesterday I made it 3 out of 3 as far as blood donation at the college is concerned. It happened for the first time when I was in my second year of my engineering when a blood donation camp was organised in my college. Initially I was very scared about it, but my friends gave me courage and made me mentally strong about this. Now I love to be a regular donar.

While I was moving towards my exam hall, I was called by my staff to be a part of the group which was getting ready to donate blood. I managed to get three guys from my class along with me. This time the camp held at a health centre which is about 10km from my college. It was the govt. hospital that was conducting the camp. The feel of donating blood can only be felt and no words can express it. We donate it in the camp and we feel such, how good will it be if we get a chance to donate it at the hospital for an emergency purpose(hope no such serious cases occur).

This is the only donation which we are able to do when we are consious. Other donations are done with a perspective that it cannot be used by us anymore, but blood is not of that type. I wish everyone have the awareness about donating blood and come forward to donate it regularly.


10 Mar 2009

Below Par 2009 :(

Its almost two and a half months over in this year and nothing great has been happend so far other than the 2 oscars by A.R.R. When I see this phase of the year, it is not that satisfying.

To begin things, it was the burning of a Tamilian in chennai which led to a big chaos around the country. It lead to an unacceptable behaviour of certain politicians which led to the closimg of the colleges in Tamil Nadu. This created a big problem to all the students and professors with their completion of syllabus. It also reduced the functions(which is quite unfortunate for final year students) in the colleges due to the curtailed semester.

The worst of all was the Terror attack on the cricketers at Lahore. No one can digest this coward like behaviour from the terrorists. The best thing is that no one was seriously injured amongst the players inspite of few players had the shrapnel in their body. It has shattered many hearts across the globe. This has also provoked the cricketers to think twice about participating in the IPL.

The other one is the general body elections clashing with the IPL which puts the police officials under a pressure cooker situation after the two terror attacks in India and Pakistan in less than four months time.

Now the world is considering sub-continent as a unsafe place to visit, which is heartbreaking to many of the Indians. Once upon a time it was a heaven and today its one among the unsafe place(considered by the foreigners).

As a rose among thorns, to pull things back, our music maestro swept two awards standing on the red carpet at the oscars. This is the only breather of an incident in this year so far after so much of chaotic moments.

The bottom line for such a condition today is the terrorists behaviour. I don know which Anniyan is going to put an end to it. I expect some great things to happen in the remaining part of the year to make it a wonderful year for us.


7 Mar 2009

Daunting Day

A special day for the Women is celebrated every year on the 8th of March. The same is celebrated two days earlier at my college premesis. The big work organising the function commenced last week. So many boys struggled hard to make things perfect. Since it is a function to honour women, we were unable to see girls taking responsibility. This time we were able to bring in an IAS officer Ms. Gariyali as our chief guest. More importantly, Boys took the responsibility of drawing rangoli. They struggled till midnight and finished it off. Hats off to them. Every boy in the organising team did their work very well. The function went really well and everyone in the college were happy on the outcome of the function.

In the midst of all these happenings, there happened the most disasterous thing. Every boy in the function was sent out stating it is the function for the women. It was so hard to accept as some of the boys worked till midnight when women refused to take responsibility. Its hard but still we have to take even that too. I don think anywhere on earth such thing will happen, stil its alright. To make things worse for the boys, some of the girls took all the credit for running the function. The most generous boys had a small smile in their face on seeing that. What else could they do? I was really happy that I was able to co-ordinate in every department of the work to run the function smoothly.

Also I found something very different when I went to judge the Rangoli competition. The theme given to them was women and I saw most of the participants to be so arrogant as they expressed that "without women world cannot run", "women are the winners", "women dominate the world" and so on. Never on earth a boy would say such statements to boost manhood. At the end I feel that I can lift the standards of men by wishing the women even after they put us down.

Happy Women's Day.


3 Mar 2009

1 more to the tally

It has happened again. What else to do with these people who are scared to put an end to these culprits. Last time when I wrote about this topic some of my fellow bloggers opposed by saying that the civilians should be viewed seriously at the cost of letting the terrorists go. Today something happened to make them re-think everything.

What does these terrorists want. Will there be an end to it. Looking at the present politicians in the sub-continent, these activities will never end. Isnt there one aggressive politician. People who live in Pak and Lanka are crying everyday to live a peaceful life. How long can some one wait for things to get back on track.

Sports are meant to create international friendship. When the sports personalities are attacked, then there should be no excuse for these culprits. What is the problem between the terrorists and people like Sanga. Why on earth would some one attack the brand ambassodars who visit your country. If the leaders doesnt react even to this then there is no use of believing on them to lead us through.

By God's grace nothing happened to any of our cricketers. I pray for their welfare.