27 Dec 2008

Unseen Talents


I always have this thought running in my mind, why is our government train our rowers, cyclists and hammer throwers by keeping them in air conditioned room and hydraulic training to send them to the Olympics and Asiad. There are so many fishermen who can row better than the rowers and swing the hammer as they use to throw the net which is lot heavier than the hammer. If we can give a kind of a stipend to them and train them surely we can give a great competition in the international sports.

During this semester holidays I was called by my friend to play cricket in the beach and the other in a corporation ground. When I went there I just witnessed something great. The ground and the beach were full youngsters with bat and ball. They just don bother about anything but only about playing cricket. They are not professional, they dont have the proper skill to exhibit but they have the interest to play the game. These people should be viewed seriously by the board of cricket in India and they should be given some opportunity to play professional cricket if they possess talent.

24 Dec 2008

Some one teach me please....

Is only one government rules Tamil Nadu? I went to the Zone 7 corporation office which happens to be the head office for issuing birth/death certificates. I went to the office at 13:15 to apply for the death certificate of my grandfather. I learnt from the health officer that I should approach to the Zone 5 office. When I went there I saw a display board saying that the applications will be recieved only between 10 and 13 hrs. I was really surprised to see that two branches of the same organization have different work time. How is that possible when there is a common head for both the branches? If the timings are as such, then why do they have differences when they have the same work to do? All the government concerns are about to work from 10 to 17 hrs but I cant see it happening. If they are going to work for only three hours then what is the point in giving them the full salary which a person gets for working 7 hours.

I am a citizen of this country but I am not able to understand what is going around me. What a pathetic situation.

23 Dec 2008

Practise makes man perfect

Last week I saw a show on Tv where I saw one chef preparing paratha, I got the memories of two people who did the same job in a different way and it also attracted the customers. I visited some of the temples in south Tamil Nadu sometime back when I got a chance to visit the velankanni temple. I went to the beach to relax myself a bit where I went to a shop to have some cuisine. There I saw this strange incident.

The shop was on the beach sand with a roof. On one extreme of the shop there is the stove to cook the food and on the other extreme of the shop there was a man preparing the parathas with the batter. Whats interesting about these men is that, the person who prepares the batter just throws it to the other extreme where a man catches it and toasts it. It was quite strange and attractive too. If they drop it down then it is a waste surely, but they do it with pin point accuracy. This incident may be small one which stays in my memory but it teaches me that only practice can make a man perfect.

Additionally to know how to make parathas just click here


20 Dec 2008

Everlasting Potential

"The time is over"
"The wall is weakened"
"Time to take rest"
"Time for the youngsters"

These were the quotes targeted the greatest ever batsman of India. Today he showed them all what he is capable of. His century under pressure in seaming conditions has shut the mouth of all the criticers who spoke about this great man. May be people get too much involved in the T20 format, but no one can compete with the wall except Kallis when it comes to professionalism.

Whatever it is I am very happy that my favourite cricketer excelled today. I wish him to succeed in all this upcoming innings and stay as the top performer till he ritires from the game. Dravid you always rock. People may support you or not, I am always there to back you up.


19 Dec 2008

Delightful knock

It was a bright sunday morning(14th December 2008) when every Indian would got up with a fear of loosing a Test match against the English men. There was one man who woke up with a thought that his team was controlling the match. People who heard this would have laughed at him but he did what he said.

Now the scene shifted to the third session on the days play where the organisers of the match feared supplying a replacement for the ball, where the opposition captain saw the match being pickpocketed from his pocket. No one in the ground could have done anything better than this 5 feet 11 inches Indian.

Yes I am talking about Virender Sehwag who stole the show by setting up a chance for the Indian victory. Appreciation wont be enough for that performance. I expect some more blistering performance from this man.