24 Dec 2008

Some one teach me please....

Is only one government rules Tamil Nadu? I went to the Zone 7 corporation office which happens to be the head office for issuing birth/death certificates. I went to the office at 13:15 to apply for the death certificate of my grandfather. I learnt from the health officer that I should approach to the Zone 5 office. When I went there I saw a display board saying that the applications will be recieved only between 10 and 13 hrs. I was really surprised to see that two branches of the same organization have different work time. How is that possible when there is a common head for both the branches? If the timings are as such, then why do they have differences when they have the same work to do? All the government concerns are about to work from 10 to 17 hrs but I cant see it happening. If they are going to work for only three hours then what is the point in giving them the full salary which a person gets for working 7 hours.

I am a citizen of this country but I am not able to understand what is going around me. What a pathetic situation.


crystal.... said...

well,these are somethings which cant be changed yayathy..we are not that powerful to ask..its all the higher authorities to be responsible..but they themselves are not that loyal to their own work..

i just wanna share one of my experience..i happen to travel to a place last week in our own pallavan bus to nugambakkam..as you know we have three kinds of bus these days.

1.ordinary bus which cost 6.00 to that stop
2.delux bus costing 7.00
3.super delux ac coach is 35 app per head to that very same stop

i went two days on that second category bus.second day morning i took ticket for 8.00 for which i took 7.00 ticket the previous day.everyone in that bus knew the actual rate since they travel everyday and started questioning to conductor,but he was shouting and asking to get down and take another bus if cant pay.i too felt may be rates have changed.

Greatest tragedy is evenin while returnin i took same ticket for same old 7.00.matter of 1.00 was simple but thinking abt people under p'line its big issue for them.i decided to ask abt it in the depot.but whats the use.i went around 2 o'clock...no one was there even to ask why am i waiting.why you no its lunch time....sorry resting time some drivers were smoking and relaxing in public place...and i returned back home..can you teach me how to take this issue to mind

Yayathy said...

You should have asked him. Nothing wrong in shouting at these idiots. When is not able to do his work properly he deserves no respect. You should have noted his name and if possible his number and should have appealed in the consumer court

crystal... said...

kool ya....see there are many cases like this which,still not taken action..approaching courts will not be a solution is my opinion

Yayathy said...

Don approach the court and keep crying. there wont be an end to it if we don take action

Guru said...
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Guru said...


have you used this site before ?


the site is an awesome resource for info. Like there is this page where all government departments related procedure/rules are put up and all related applications are available in pdf format.

and, chillax macha. what is the point in getting all heated up for this..

@crystal: If your ticket was from one of those handheld ticket dispensers, then i guess it was not the bus conductor's fault afterall. The route/ticket price info is programmed into the device and the conductor only gets to choose the starting and the destination stage. this is afaik. and ya you all could've done without the shouting.

Next time take yayathy's advice and file a complaint, you'll get the 1 buck you lost + compensation.

Yayathy said...

@guru. Thanks for the info machi. The reason I got heated up is that I suffered alot from street to street to street to get a death certificate since the info is not that proper in website.
The funny part is that my birth proof is missing in the site. what else can I ask for.


crystal... said...

yes yes..but i need to say what happened after that now..i went back with both the tickets to know whether fault is ours or not..and actually it was ours..i need to accept it..when asked abt the rates in the depot..they clarified n informed that its been charged so from that day..since people all started asking rude even the conductor was not given a chance to explain us.he fired equally as others travellers did..

Yayathy said...

@crystal: Its the job of the conductor to explain it. Thats his job.