15 Feb 2008

St. Joseph's Rocks!!!

      TMS is the best!, I am not talking about the alltime great singer but about the best teacher I have ever seen.  His name is Mr. Thayumanavasamy. He handled Chemistry for me for the last four years of my school life.  He stands apart from other teachers as he is the only teacher who taught us about life along with chemistry.  The best part of him is that, one can ask any question in his subject, surely you will be answered.

     The other noticeable fact about this great man is that, if he knows anything completely then only he will speak about it.  We the students of Doveton Corrie are really gifted that we had TMS to mould us when we were in our teenage. If he was not there with me for those four years, then surely I wont be the way I am.  
The qualities of punctuality, honesty, abiding the rules were not taught to us by him but injected into us............

     Important fact about him is that, he is from St. Joseph's College, Tiruchy.  I really want to visit that college which produce gems like this.  Its not only TMS, my biology teacher is also from the same college and lastly my maths lecturer in college is also from this college. These people always stand apart from others and you can feel the difference in them.  ECE students and CSE students in my college will also know about this.  I heard that, the process in that college is very systematic and thats why the students shine really well. I expect even my college(atleast in future) to produce gems like that...

    It started with TMS and went on till my maths lecturer, I hope 
that I will come across many more students of this great college.

   St. Joseph's always rocks!!! 



Anonymous said...

hi yayathy..,
you are lucky to get such a teacher in ur life...but these days its difficult to find such,hardly you can count such staffs...any ways nice post

Arun Sundar said...

I had a fantastic Chemistry teacher during my high-school. Its nice to have good teachers at the right stage. And I visited his house a couple of weeks ago after more than 8 yrs and we had a nice time sharing our experiences.

Ela said...

Trichy is the seat of education...the quality of the people from the colleges in Trichy is really high...I did my bachelors in bharathidasan uni.so had a couple of great lecturers from Trichy and i started having lot of respect for people educated in Trichy...I also had the fortune of having many great teachers all along my life who had inspired me without much preaching on their part! Yes, they do mould us!

Yayathy said...

@ arun: Generaly chemistry guys are uncut diamond. Its in our hands to make them shine to us.

@Ela: Thanks for the bit of information which will be useful when talking to big guys from trichy