12 Feb 2008

Old vs New ! ! !


Here I wish to put up some coparison between the songs of the old and the  new era.

It will be more appropriate  if I draw a border at the end of Poet KANNADASAN'S  period to seperate the old songs from the new ones..  The songs of the olden days are evergreen whereas the
present day songs perish very soon with some exceptions.  What made the new songs unlike the older ones..

How many of us will say that we don know the song 'RAAJAVIN PAARVAI'(M.G.R. song in chariot)
Many of us were not born when this movie came, but still we know this song. This song stands everlasting from the day it was released. At present the songs perish very easily.  Is this the mistake of the poets or the music directors.
The songs sung by TMS, A.M. Raja, Chandrababu etc., are still ringing in our ears.  Modern day singers like Hariharan and Unni are also good, but these songs cant even be compared with the older ones...

Will the Poets, Singers and the Music Directors see to this and create a new dimension to the the movies or will they continue the same way as they go today....?


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Ela said...

You are too polite to put such a request....anyway may be it is that nowadays we r dumped with not so great music we are able to appreciate the old melodies...I personally do also wonder about their immortal beauty and ability to please the ears and mind when i hear some old songs....