22 Feb 2008

Duckworth-Lewis and its uncertainity

Duckworth-Lewis this is the most confusing concept in the game of cricket.

     This is the factor which decides the result of an One Day International match, if the match is interrupted due to any external factors like rain or badlight, at times even the mis behaviour of the crowd.  The other important factor is that this method will be adapted only after the completion of 25 overs in the second innings. It decides the outcome of the match if it is continued without the interruption considering the current position of the teams.

     How this method works..? None of the commentators nor the players are aware of it. It will be displayed in the scoreboard which only the computer system know's.  

     The fact is that, this method is based on a graph where the current scenario is plotted and the 
outcome of the match will be decided.  But it is uncertain to say that number 11 batsmen cannot 
score runs or the bowlers will be well disciplined.  

     I feel that rathar having these methods to give result to a match, we can have a reserve day or two for every international match so that the results will be obtained on the field rathar on computer systems................



Arun Sundar said...

Reserving a day or two might not help, due to lack of luxury in time. There should be a better scientific process.

On a lighter note, they can ask me for "Kabali-Peter" method and replace it with "Duckworth-lewis".

Yayathy said...

Expecting your post on Kabali-Peter method...

Then we can judge the match as No result rather giving it to a side which is really unfair..

Guru said...

Having a formula to decide the game adds to the freakishness of cricket.

And if you really hate D&L so much, you should wait for the ICC to adopt other alternatives, like the J-method or the 'Jayadevan' method which is touted to be a better alternative.

Read this (very old article)

And you need to read up a few articles on D&L, cos' the working is pretty simple and maybe then you won't hate it so much.

Yayathy said...

@guru: I know the working of D/L but still it is not at all fair to decide a match using computer rather doing it on field.....