25 Feb 2010

Is anyone there to succeed him?

Yesterday I lost all my senses looking at a person who is so humble even when the world is ready to worship him, yes I am talking about Sachin Tendulkar. As soon as I say this name, everyone will get the thought that he is the luckiest person and a god gifted batsman, which he is. He is one sportsman who I always admire from my childhood. Yesterday he achieved a feat which no other batsman reached, he became the first man on the planet to score an ODI double hundred which came against one of the best bowling attacks(Proteas) if not the best.

He has completed two decades of international cricket and still growing strong. He is still the same as he was at his teen when he made his debut. He always reminds that his father always checks him that he doesn't take the pride to his head. He follows it till date and dedicates his achievement to his father who is no more. He lost his father in the year 1999 when India was playing in the world cup. He came back to India and completed his ritual rights and went back to score a century in the tournament which dropped most of the jaws in the world. Thats the commitment of this great man.

He always celebrates well after scoring a century early in his career. After his father died his celebrations after scoring hundred has changed. Yesterday when he scored his 93rd international hundred he looked at the sky as he does nowadays. I simply felt like he is talking to his father in the heaven.

We may see many batsman in future and some may even break Sachin's record, but I am sure no one on this earth can be as modest as Tedulkar after achieving so much.

I wish God gives Sachin many more years in his life, also make many of his fans to follow him in life...



ak said...

No, there is no one to succeed Sachin, let alone even be in his league. Folks are talking about Ponting coming close to his tally of centuries, but Ponting never played under the kind mental pressures that Sachin carried throughout his career until the likes of Sehewag and Dhoni came around. He is one-of-a-kind cricketing phenom and we are lucky to have witnessed him in his most glorious form.

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Gayatri Shenoy said...

Sachin is definitely the best. Today's generation should get just more then inspired from him and seek to excel.