21 Feb 2010


I write this post for shimmer who tagged me. Personally I am not a big fan of such posts.

8 TV Shows I watch
I Dont watch TV much. Still there are few
1. Cricket
2. EPL
3. WWE
4. Neeya Naana
5. Asatha Povathu yaaru
6. Athu Ithu Ethu
7. Coffee with Anu
8. Jaya Max(Any time of the day)

8 Favorite places to eat
1. My Bed(I just love it)
2. Paramount
3. Breeze
4. Zaroor
5. White Field
6. KFC
7. School and College(Many hands in one box)
8. All small food outlets in and around my area.

8 things I look forward to
1. Boom in the business
2. Getting a job
3. Convocation
4. Meeting my Chemistry Sir
5. Getting back my fitness
6. Become calm
7. University exams and preparations(Its been some time since I prepared for an exam)
8. Something new which I have never tasted in my life

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Travelled a long distance.
2. Was extremely happy to see an engineering college with good infrastructure.
3. Ate alot.
4. Slept well.
5. Got irritated with the cancellation of the meeting.
6. fought with my friend.
7. Played games after a long time.
8. Watched TV.

8 Things I love about winters
1. Spraying drizzle.
2. My Cup of Tea.(Any time in the day)
3. Chilness while I ride without helmet.
4. Keeping my hands in the pocket to feel the warmth.
5. Murky morning.
6. Looking people struggle in the extreme temperature.
7. Good morning sleep.
8. Hot dinner.

8 Things I'm passionate about
1. My Business.
2. Science
3. Following Sports.
4. Playing games.
5. Officiating games.
6. Food of any kind.
7. Dreaming about future
8. Driving

8 words or phrases I use often
1. Oh Boy
2. What?
3. My goodness
4. Then....
5. Mate
6. F..k
7. Oops
8. God...!

8 Things I learnt from the Past
1. Never take things for granted.
2. Think Negative so that you can eradicate them.
3. Think before letting any word.
4. Listen to both heart and mind.
5. Never blame anyone.
6. Do not allow others to take control of yourself.
7. Practice can make man perfect.
8. Nothing can be predicted

8 Places I would love to Go,Visit or See

1. Wellington.
2. Trinidad.
3. Colombo.
4. Indo-Pak Border.
5. Pakistan and Bangladesh.
6. Manchester
7. Western Australia
8. Eazham

I don wanna torture any of my mates and so I dont tag anyone for this post.



A New Beginning said...

Thanks a lot for doing that and those were some great answers!!
Keep up!:)

Yayathy said...

Welcome and thank you mate.
Which answers impressed you?


Ela said...

//looking forward for....University exams and preparations(Its been some time since I prepared for an exam)//

r u serious?!

Yayathy said...

@Ela: Of course. Sometime it looks wierd, but thats how my life went so long..

Rees said...

8 comments about the post
3.hope the 8 things u hope for may come to pass
4.lovely places to go
5.sensible lessons from the past mate
6.good selection of tv shows
7.better give me a treat for your birthday in paramount sooner or later pal
8.last of all, its good that you keep updating your blog.....

Yayathy said...

@Rayees: Thanks for that lovely comment Rayees Bhai. Have you been at Hotel Paramount?

Rees said...

dai naaye we both have gone to that hotel.......

Yayathy said...

@Rees: Very sorry machi. I misread your name as Rayees instead of Rees. Surely I will take you to either pareamount or KFC..