19 Dec 2008

Delightful knock

It was a bright sunday morning(14th December 2008) when every Indian would got up with a fear of loosing a Test match against the English men. There was one man who woke up with a thought that his team was controlling the match. People who heard this would have laughed at him but he did what he said.

Now the scene shifted to the third session on the days play where the organisers of the match feared supplying a replacement for the ball, where the opposition captain saw the match being pickpocketed from his pocket. No one in the ground could have done anything better than this 5 feet 11 inches Indian.

Yes I am talking about Virender Sehwag who stole the show by setting up a chance for the Indian victory. Appreciation wont be enough for that performance. I expect some more blistering performance from this man.


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ashwatha said...

oh yer!you seem to be a kind of sport freak..i have never never seen such a person so passionate about sports...hats off to your passion mate