20 Dec 2008

Everlasting Potential

"The time is over"
"The wall is weakened"
"Time to take rest"
"Time for the youngsters"

These were the quotes targeted the greatest ever batsman of India. Today he showed them all what he is capable of. His century under pressure in seaming conditions has shut the mouth of all the criticers who spoke about this great man. May be people get too much involved in the T20 format, but no one can compete with the wall except Kallis when it comes to professionalism.

Whatever it is I am very happy that my favourite cricketer excelled today. I wish him to succeed in all this upcoming innings and stay as the top performer till he ritires from the game. Dravid you always rock. People may support you or not, I am always there to back you up.


1 comment:

fairy said...

sports.....sports....and.....sports.......there is an everlasting potential in u i guess???????