9 Mar 2008

A Day Off

     Every day when I begin my work, I use to count the number of days remaining to get a sunday (usually I will be forced to work on a saturday), is this count really worth?  I really don know the concept of taking rest 
from our regular work on a sunday, does it make any sense?  Nowadays we can see most of the 
houses locked during the working days as every one is engaged with a work.  So everyone gets time only on a Sunday to do all their work, but every organization has a day off on sunday. Then how will common man will do his personal work related with these organizations.  Even government Departments like Electricity board, Corporation offices, Banks, etc., have their holiday on sunday, then how will we able to meet our needs which is engaged with these departments.

     I personally feel that the departments which serve the common needs of the public can have their day off on a weekday so that it will be a great relief for the people to finish their work on the day which they have with them.  

     I can keep saying this to everyone, but will the men in-charge put this issue under scrutiny..........?



Ela said...

Yeap...the inconveience for working people is true but it is apsychological thing that those working in public concern would also be wanting to have sunday as a break!

Yayathy said...

@Ela: If they do they work properly then they can raise this question. Is it possible for people to finish their work in mins with the govt. office..


fairy said...

govt ....govt officials... doing there job correctly and that to on time.....helllo..... we are in india.... such things are not included in our dictionary....got it?????????????????????????????