30 Mar 2008

Back at MAC

It is been almost three years since the last match been played here at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium-Chennai. Today I was one among the spectators who were present at the stadium to witness the final day's play of the first test match of the Future Cup for which India is battling against the proteas(South Africa). It is the third time I am watching an International cricket test match here at chennai(on the last two occassions it was India taking on Australia). This time the tickets were sponcered to me by my aunty.

Frankly speaking, it was really a dull day at the MAC were the Proteas managed 200 runs and the Indians were able to pick up only 4 wickets . The day was so dull that only half the stadium was filled and for most part of the day it was so quite. I really missed the mexican waves which I love the most. As I have enough knowledge about this stadium(atleast to the extent of narrating about it), I feel that the security level were not upto the mark and also the standard of the out-field was really poor. The looks of the stadium really went down with some of the colours of the advertisements. As usual the maintenance of the rest room were so poor and the rates of the food were too high.

Coming back to cricket, the aggressive nature of the youngsters were good and I really don understand why the Indian captain didnt take the field after lunch. The co-ordination and the high standards in the field is welcomed by the supporters with both hands.... The pitch didnt offer much to the spinners, thus the much ended in a draw..

Now, its time to cheer the Chennai Super Kings in action in IPL. Its always fun to see international matches live and that to with the chennai audience in incredible...


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