1 Nov 2016

14 years and still counting

     14 years and still counting from the day since I last burst crackers.  When I rewind it was so much fun back then. Diwali had it's charm which is totally missing these days.  I always had enough crackers to burst every year.  The eagerness to open the box of crackers on a Diwali morning simply cannot be matched by anything.  From Atom bombs to sparklers and flower pots, every part of Diwali is so nostalgic.   By 2002 the interest and love for crackers were diminishing and by 2003, it was all over.

     If I could sit back and try to find a reason for abandoning crackers, there is only one thing  that I could point to.  It was when I started my higher secondary and the love for science started to blossom.  Today if I say that bursting crackers would cause pollution, it might  look very weird.  But back then it made sense, the noise and smoke created by crackers is enormous. To indulge in something that is spoiling our environment wasn't comfortable for me and that too after opting to Study science. From that day I stopped bursting crackers. To my surprise, I haven't missed it at all.

     Today when I see people go crazy after crackers and spend so much on it, I can feel happy for the kids who enjoy it and really get annoyed when adults say that they do it for the welfare of the industry and the people who work there.  If one really worries about the welfare of those people then they surely won't want them to do such a risky job.  One thing has become pretty evident is that education makes people to talk smartly to defend their actions instead of understanding what is right and what is wrong.

     The stress from job and the increase in number of television channels has changed the life we live and it's evident with festivals. During my childhood we saw families getting together and preparing lots of sweets and offering prayers while the kids had immense fun on the streets.  Nowadays, sweets are bought from shops, no family unions and starring at TV has become the norms of every festival.

     To conclude, the colour of Diwali is fast changing and I don't think next generation would have fun we had in our childhood as far as Diwali is concerned.  Hope it changes for good.  

Cheers !!!!!


Pravitha said...

Thankyou for reminding our childhood diwali..how good it was..But now Diwali celebration by itself gets diminishing..blame it on the technology growth or oversmart kids ;dont know what..However i like diwali as a function verymuch and celebrated this year too..But you inspired me a lot;i think to stop bursting crackers soon..

Yayathy said...

Past is behind us. May be we can try and give our next generation, a glimpse of what we had and what they miss.


Thana Lekshmi said...

A good read. Especially for someone who never got to burst huge crackers. Those big crackers are banned in Singapore, you cannot buy them here. Nevertheless I would really like to try it ones, if I ever stand a chance! :)

Happy Deepavali :)

Yayathy said...

Hey!!! How are you doing. Been a long time. Hope all is well with you.

It's fun bursting them. But as an adult feel bad to add up to the pollution.

Slogger said...

Hey, how are you? It has been 4 years I would think since I visited your blog. Hope all is well

Manthu pushpa said...

Nice write up

Yayathy said...

@ slogger, guess you changed your name.