22 Oct 2016

World cup Kabaddi

     15 days, 12 teams, 1 cup, India's gift to the world. Kabaddi world cup held at transtadia at Ahmedabad. This world cup is a huge success as it had a broad coverage by media and nations from all 6 continents participated in the tournament making it more special.

     The first match saw a huge upset where South Korea defeated the dream team India. The tournament was wide open and the permutations and combinations started working. Iran on the other hand started demolishing teams at will. They were clear favourites of the tournament next only to India. Meanwhile Bangladesh who had so much promise fell agonisingly short of the semi finals.

     One of the huge stories of the world cup is the emergence of team Kenya. This is a country who took up Kabaddi just two years back and mom they were contenders for the semifinal. This world cup also saw a team full of students who reached the semifinal stage with so much promise. The Thailand team lost to Iran and then to India in the semifinals.

     Japan, Poland who beat the mighty Iranians and England showed some promise whereas Australia, Argentina, America where just learning this game.

     The finals were set up between India and Iran which was expected.  Indians who were thrashing opponents until then where skeptical in their raids, thanks to that man Fazal Atrachali, Indian defense was on the back foot right from the word go and substitutions were flying to keep the combination right. But it was Iran who inflicted the first all out and they lead the finals during half time by 18 to 13.

     Second half is what all India had to do something to lift the trophy and in band Ajay Thakur who was clinical and claimed a super 10. Manjit Chillar was replaced as he was having an off day, with Ajay's brilliance and an important raid from Nithin, India inflicted an all out on Iran and then the Indian defense came to the party. With already a super tackle to their name,  Mohit and Surendar were lethal and coupled with Sandeep the beast, Iran found it difficult to match Indian momentum.

     Ajay brilliantly had a two pointer which saw Fazal Atrachali and Meraj Sheik warm the bench, soon India inflicted another all out and the lead was in to double figures.  Rahul chowdery who is the poster boy of Indian Kabaddi struggled to match the intensity of a final, but his mistakes were covered up by the rest.

     In the end, India were victorious  with the score line reading 38-29,thus stamping Indian authority on its gift to the world.

     India the World Champions in Kabaddi



ashwatha said...

Feel great and happy yayathy..
Hats off Indian Team..feel goosebumps asusual..������

Yayathy said...

Indian victory always does that