21 Oct 2016

Humanity?? Really??

  It's been a long time since I posted something.  Life has moved a lot during these days.  Most striking thing that happened during this time is the Chennai floods.  What a situation it was when the heavens opened up big time and sent people running for cover. Many lives lost, many got stranded on streets without shelter and food.   Then the world saw something that is special about this great city. Humanity took up the challenge posted by God. Boy! I must say that it was a superb Defensive skill exhibited by the people of Chennai for which they even got the best citizen of India award.  There have been many calamities before and for the first time world saw a natural calamity which brought more volunteers than victims an the entire world had it's jaw down.  Almost all youngsters of Chennai were on streets running around to save mankind. There was a post on facebook which read that our late president Abdul Kalam would have been the happiest person looking at the effort put by our youth. It is also a time when Chennai saw many of its immigrants leave the city and get back to their native for safety.

     It was such a worrying act that so many left Chennai for safety, what stood out was the guts of Chennaites who joined hands to save their city. Many celebrities took themselves out to help the needy and it inspired many more to come out. It was such a pleasing sight till the floods occupied our city. Once the water started to recede, the ones who ran out for safety came back to Chennai to get back to their work. Then started the rebuilding work, now started the problem, people started to charge way more than standard rates as the demand was high. Few were doing a good service and few were awfully greedy on earning money using the situation. It was pathetic.

     Chennai floods taught me two things, one is no one can defeat Chennai when they are together. Second is human beings are the worst in this world and they all are opportunist. World was not this bad certain decades back, but demands and so called modernization has made a huge dent to human morality. Hope thins change for good.




ashwatha said...

welcome back Yayathy..blogging after a long time..����..
what a wonderful sight is that to see people help others voluntarily at the time of disaster..this will happen only in chennai..hats off..and kudos to those kiddies �� who born in this flood..
At the same time i heard of an incident where a volunteer got nice beatings from the crowd for bringing very few food packs when there were so many..
Cant guess whats happenning around..there are people full of hunanity and these type of people too survive..However hope Humanity should succeed above all
at any cause..

Yayathy said...

Thanks for your time. I too wish that humanity is back with mankind. Currently humans are behaving worse than animals