8 Apr 2014

Another version of MSD

     This WT20 saw another version of MSD. World saw MSD as a hard hitting batsmen, quick handed Wicket Keeper and Captain cool. Now the time to see MSD the human being.

      This incident happened when India were at a training session before the final when there was a Pakistani Cricket fan from Chicago who's wife is from Inida, his name is Mohammed Bashir. MSD spotted him as he saw this person before the Champions trophy match between India and Pakistan. Bashir told MSD that he didnt get ticket for the final even after flying from Chicago to Bangladesh. MSD arranged for a pass for this fan and also offered him fruits as Bashir was standing there for quite sometime.

      Bashir gave an interview before Indo-Pak match stating that he was there to support is motherland Pakistan and also his wife's motherland India. After meeting MSD he said that he is a Pakistan fan and for the day he became a fan of MSD. At least one cricketer from a generation from India shows that humbleness is the way that leads them forward.


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Anonymous said...

India keep producing legends. Take a bow MSD