10 Oct 2008

Rose among the thorns

     Its always nice to see some characterized sportsmen.  Today I was able to find another gem who looks like a rose among the thorns. Everyone know what happened in Sydney last december at the Sydney Cricket Ground. World cup winning captain was able to lie for a decision on a catch so as his team.  Today one of the member of the Australian side was good enough to inform the umpire that the catch was not taken cleanly rather appealing with other of his team mates.  It may be because that he filled Gilly's boots or it may be  his nature. Any way its good to see some cricketers helping the umpire to make a decision and get things going smoothly.  Also I don understand why the umpire didn't like when Gambhir told the umpire that he nicked the ball during an LBW appeal.  Who ever does it, its for the welfare of the game and the umpires should encourage the players to finish the game on a higher spirit.

             A big Welcome to Brad Haddin to the list of Characterised players such as, Gilchrist, Dravid, Sachin, Gillespie, Gavaskar, Yuvraj, Sangakarra etc.


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